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Facebook is Changing Its Name – I Bet You Have Suggestions …

Facebook spying Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

The Zucker-Berger-Meister-Berger has announced the parent company he founded (Facebook) needs a new name which he will reveal on October 28th.


The firm’s original, flagship social media site and app – Facebook – is expected to keep its moniker, but Facebook Inc., the parent company which also owns Instagram and WhatsApp, will be given rebrand.


Suggestions from the mob include Fakebook, Wokebook, LiberalsRus, and Facepalm. I’m sure you can do better (no swearing please).

As for us, we’re still not active on the platform though both our group and page “exist” in Facebook-controlled cyberspace. You could guess why we’re not active if you’re not already familiar with the story or you can catch up here.

To summarize, a fact-checker created a fact we never asserted and then used that as an excuse to clip our wings. Rip them out, is more like it. Our reach went from 1.5 million to nothing over the following weeks and months.

GraniteGrok was targeted on the weekend before the 2020 NH First in the Nation Primary. It was downhill there, from that day forward. We had a big target on our presence there, getting flagged and warned constantly.

We eventually abandoned them and put our focus elsewhere.

We have since recovered that traffic and then some. Where Facebook used to be our number one point of acquisition, direct visits are tops. Leaving Facebook made us find ways to build audiences without relying on capricious social media gods and their partisan games.

But Facebook is still who they are, and we still talk about them because many of you still use them. And now Facebook wants to change the name of the parent company because it’s not just Facebook. It’s WhatsApp and Instagram, and a host of other acquisitions.


What do you call an oppressive totalitarian regime that censors content through a partisan filter? And The New York Times is taken. So is CNN, the Washington Post, and on and on, so we need something new. Pithy, Quaint, Biting, your choice.

And let’s have some fun, yes?