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Parler is Back!


Parler’s reboot went live yesterday (ish). I could not log in until today (they are working out the kinks), but it is there and not without some intrigue. The Left’s media war on the platform continues as it suggests Parler is back thanks to some colluding with a company that has ties to (you guessed it) Russia!

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The Russia story is old but still circulating ‘cuz reasons. If encountered, you can borrow a line from an FBI Collusion hoaxer named Strozk; there’s no there there,

I looked it up.

Parler is hosted on CloudRoute, whose corporate headquarters are not in Russia, but they are close.  Cleveland Ohio.

Those brave bastards took on a project with Parler. The Left hates it. OBiden’s FBI has certainly opened files on the management team and could pressure them to do the wrong thing.

CloudRoute is also (or soon to be ‘was’?) a Microsoft Cloud Systems Provider. Can you imagine Billy Gates being excited about any cozy relationship between his software/vaccine oligarchy and those free speech defending radicals at Parler?

It seems unlikely.

As for ‘Grok, we are back to sharing content on the platform. You can find that here by following me at @NHSteve.

I’ve only just gotten back in, but the interface looks a lot cleaner and less clunky on PC. Navigation and interaction appear improved. It’s more like Twitter than before and more responsive.

It looks and feels a lot more like Twitter, which was the point.

Any bets on when the Feds file charges against Parler for some made-up reason or pressure CloudeRoute to bail on the relationship?

Until then, Parley!