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What is the right response to lockdowns?

What is the Right Response to Lockdowns?

What is the right response to lockdowns? Lockdowns do indeed have costs. Some are financial and some of them are personal and health-related. There’s more than one way to wreck a life. For example:

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After Brutal 2020, Tax Hikes Could Loom for N.H. Businesses in 2021

The House on Thursday rejected a Republican proposal to prevent significant business tax increases that are likely to hit on January 1. Unless legislators act between now and the end of the year, New Hampshire businesses that survive 2020 should prepare to begin paying higher tax rates in 2021.

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Op-ED: NH Ways & Means Committee Member on Economic Recovery

From March 15th, days after the government restrictions went into crisis mode to May 9th, the latest reporting date at the NHES website, approximately 139,400 NH residents became unemployed. Based on our February workforce of about 780,200, that is just under an 18% unemployment level.