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As Predicted: Democrats Want 12% Tax Hike on Businesses They Demanded Be Shuttered


Before Chris Sununu took the bait and closed the state, Democrats were screaming for a shutdown. It doesn’t take a political genius to know why. The economy is their foil, and they believe that killing it improves their chances in November.

ICYMI:  Lord Cuomo: “Sure, you want to go to work? Go take a job as an essential worker.”

It’s been badly beaten, maimed, and some parts of it may not recover. Jobs will not be created or saved. They will be sacrificed, and Democrats are on the record as being okay with killing your future. But it’s still not enough for them.

As I noted months ago, New Hampshire Democrats not only wanted to kill the state economy, they would demand we hike taxes on job creators. 

The hike was built into the budget compromise agreed to after Gov. Sununu vetoed the current Democrat majority’s first budget. To get it passed they came to an arrangement over business tax cuts. If tax revenue increases were less than 6%, a planned additional reduction in the business tax would be scrapped, and the previous cut would be reversed. 

That’s right. Long before this disaster, your legislature and your governor agreed that if business was down and tax revenue did not rise fast enough, they’d not only deny job creators an additional incentive they’d toss a double-digit tax hike on top of that.

A government before the people not by the people.

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Republicans figured, what could go wrong? New Hampshire was well on pace to blow revenues out of the water for many quarters to come. That meant more tax cuts for job creators. More jobs, more businesses, more revenues. But then someone (Democrats) demanded we shut down the economy. Democrat Mayor’s Craig (Manchester) and Donchess (Nashua) were among those demanding a lockdown.

Scare tactics, bad models, bad advice, bad outcomes, but here we are.

Governor Sununu decided to play along. Whether you think we needed to do that or not, there’s no chance in hell we’ll beat the revenue increase in the budget compromise NH Dems want their pound of flesh.

Your reward for being forced to shut down, cut back hours, reduce staff, or furlough entire payrolls is the loss of another tax cut and a resulting 12% tax hike.

Despite all the things Governor Sununu has done poorly during this mess, this issue isn’t one of them. He has asked the legislature to ignore that trigger, given the unique circumstances. But leading Democrats would rather beat you while you’re down. 

We saw it coming. The question is, will business owners and employees realize what this means? That what we’ve said all along is true. Democrats don’t care about people. They care about politics and power.

They demanded that you lose power over how you make a living, and now they’d like to tack on a 12% tax increase when and if you are finally permitted to try and salvage what is left.

And you can’t say we never warned you about them.