US Rep Ro Khanna: we Democrats don't want small business that can't pay $15/hour. - Granite Grok

US Rep Ro Khanna: we Democrats don’t want small business that can’t pay $15/hour.

Ro Khanna

If US House Rep Ro Khanna’s attitude was around when TMEW and I ran our daycare center, he would have shut us down in a heartbeat. Without a care in the world for what had gone into saving an almost failed business at the time, we bought it. But here he is.

(Reformatted, emphasis mine):

“Khanna claimed now is the right time by citing Amazon and Target — two massive companies that have set their minimum wages at $15 per hour — and even alleged that increasing the minimum wage creates jobs. Phillip responded by again asking about small businesses, not large corporations that can generally afford to pay higher wages. “I’m wondering, what is your plan for smaller businesses?” she asked. “How does this, in your view, affect mom and pop businesses who are just struggling to keep their doors open, keep workers on the payroll right now?”

And here is when the Socialist shows his concern for “mom and pops” – who, I add, make up a lot of the businesses here in NH:

Shockingly, Khanna said small businesses should not keep their doors open if they do not pay employees the wage that Democrats are demanding. “Well, they shouldn’t be doing it by paying people low wages,” Khanna replied. “We don’t want low-wage businesses. I think most successful small businesses can pay a fair wage.”

“I love small businesses. I’m all for it. But I don’t want small businesses that are underpaying employees,” Khanna went on to say. “It’s fair for people to make what they’re producing and I think $15 is very reasonable in this country.”

What an egotistical obnoxious little snot bag!

NO, raising minimum wages DO NOT create jobs.

And while there are those businesses that can pay such, not all businesses are in mid-to-high profit margin businesses – we certainly were not. And there are a lot of others in the same boat (then and now).

It’s telling that he has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to business – most Socialists don’t even if they describe themselves as a “Progressive Capitalist” (an oxymoron if there ever was one).

From what I can tell, he never signed the front of a paycheck for anyone. Few folks like him, especially those holding Power, have ever run a business and have had to sweat trying to meet payroll (there were times when I had to, like all entrepreneurs and owners) had to reach into my personal pocket to make sure my employees got paid.

And I think THAT’S what most Progressives won’t accept or can’t conceive. That most small biz owners truly do care for their workers.

Just as soon as we had stabilized the business, we started to pay our teachers more – and we stretched it as high as we could given that much was yet to be done. In fact, for four years, we paid ourselves nothing except reimbursing ourselves for what we bought for the center as we were trying to raise the business to the standards we had set as goals. Getting close to those marks, I had just started to pay TMEW a salary when she fell ill and we had to close the biz quickly – and ended up in debt.

Yes, it got paid – in full. But would Khanna and his ilk understand how personal it gets for owners?

No, not at all. He, from this interview, see people like us as an impediment. In effect, he, via the government, have no problem in deciding who wins and who loses. He wants businesses like mine was to get closed down.

And what happens to those employees, you a$$hat? Sure, they had a “function” as the Obama era called it (unemployment) – is that what he wants? Our vendors got paid in full – what would he have done?

But this is what Progressivism is all about – they want to control your business. It’s always “Government knows best”.

(H/T: The Blaze)