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Let’s Rebuild Scientific Inquiry

On November 16th, there was a public hearing for a non-germane amendment to HB255 for the purpose of requiring exemptions for conscience, religion, and medical, including prior infection for all entities in the state of New Hampshire when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine.

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When Politics and Science MIX, Science Loses

The headline comes from a repeating mantra in this excellent piece shared on Ace of Spades from a board-certified physician and US Veteran. They are or should be an old saw, proverb, maxim, or adage. When politics and _______ mix, _______ loses. Science could be no different.

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So, Racism (Unlike Gender) Is Defined at Birth?

The science of the left is “pseudo” at best, fiction – more often than not – and otherwise just mad. Failure is not only an option; it is a justification to push harder in all the wrong directions, as is a blatant contradiction like racism vs. gender.


Louis XIV, King of France, also known as the Sun King, reputedly said, I AM THE STATE. Chris Sununu, Governor of New Hampshire, said when asked to stop infringing our constitutional rights under the pretext of fighting coronavirus, I AM THE CONSTITUTION.