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UNH Bias in Science Course, by its own Admission, has to be Biased


The publicly supported University of New Hampshire has a new course of study called “Anti-Racism inScience: Promoting an Inclusive and Equitable STEM Community.” More CRT BS (in a big way), but did the practitioners of divisiveness accidentally poke a huge hole in their own thesis?

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As we’ve noted time and again, one of the issues we have with the political consensus narrative, they call “Climate Change” (for example), is that it keeps changing. Their settled science is never settled because the irrefutable hypothesis has to adapt to the world’s refusal to do what they say it will.

Their defense of the indefensible is monolithic. They brook no dissent.

If the settled science needs to be settled differently, it’s still irrefutable and immutable. What does that mean in the context of the UNH partisan race-shaming of American history disguised as a STEM Program? A class of study that appears to be little more than the 1619 project applied to the sciences at the University of New Hampshire (emphasis, mine).


“Racism in science is like racism in all other aspects of our society. As we say in the course syllabus, science is often viewed as ‘culturally neutral,’ and scientific information is often presented as objective and unbiased,” explained [Serita] Frey in an interview with UNH Today. “However, science, like every other human endeavor is subject to the biases of its practitioners.”


This is the only settled science, the science of human nature.

People by design survive because of prejudice and not the race-baiting variety. Human prejudice is an involuntary evolutionary fact. It appears in everything from the people to whom we are attracted, to the foods we favor, and the company we keep. Not a day goes by where you do not make a prejudicial choice, be it on a restaurant menu, where you cross a busy street, what entertains you, or in the subconscious assessment of someone based on what they wear, say, or how they behave.

Bias is part of life; learning to temper it and learn from it is essential to civil society.

But the Left has stolen the word, carved it up, and reassembled it into a monster, whose task is not to encourage harmony, unity, and equality but to undermine it in pursuit of a strictly political agenda.

CRT, the 1619 Project, and this course at UNH are not about learning from the past; they are about redefining the human experience such that we can solve nothing without giving all our power to people who, magically and beyond all reason, have or will rise above that which Sertia Frey claims is impossible to overcome.

All while ignoring the history of such political programs.

This worldview is a psychological paradox from which there is no possible escape.

If science, like every other human endeavor, is subject to biases (a milder way to describe prejudice), then the program itself is incapable of existing outside its authors’ biases. And those biases are blaring.


[Serita] Frey — who chairs the College of Life Science and Agriculture’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee — added that “all of us in the U.S. were raised with a 400-year history of racism and thus we all hold biases, implicit or otherwise.” As a result, it is difficult for “Black, indigenous people and people of color (BIPOC) to enter and fully participate in STEM disciplines.”


Climate Science, likewise, cannot be more than the political will of its advocates. An economic program meant to undermine free markets and replace them with a planned economy.

And the absence of people of color in STEM, or living in New Hampshire, or playing professional hockey, cannot possibly be evidence of the prejudice of people of color, human beings who are, according to Frey, incapable of any act without bias.

She means to convince us otherwise. Without, if I had to guess, focusing on the deplorable condition of union-hijacked inner-city schools. A systemic failure at the hands of Democrats, in cities run by Democrats, under educating generations of people of color, trapped in the welfare state, by Democrats.

A crucible that has single-handedly undermined millions of blacks and Latinos’ ability to rise not just into STEM fields but to grade-school level reading or math skills.

A problem created by Democrats of all races and genders, perpetuated by them, which programs like the one at UNH plan to blame on white people when it should be focused on blaming Democrats.