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The Bonfire of the Insanities

I’m back for my monthly co-hosting gig on Life with Liz on WMN1590 AM, and it’s the bonfire of the insanities episode. Out of control school boards, frolicking with federal funds, the border mess, inflation, shortages, and the fiddlers in DC who are watching ‘Rome’ burn.

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State Reps and School Boards

Parents all over New Hampshire are challenging school boards as never before. There are several reasons for this, including disappointing responses by the education establishment to the COVID pandemic.

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Simple, President Asterisk – Go Ask a School Board

They’re MASTERS of just sitting there, half-heartedly listening to concerned Parents and voters – and then ignoring them.  All you have to do is watch a few videos, Joe, and even you can get the idea – especially since you are having problems.”