The White House was Probably Behind the NSBA Letter (About Parents Being Terrorists) - Granite Grok

The White House was Probably Behind the NSBA Letter (About Parents Being Terrorists)

White House Original Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash

This paints an amusing picture. Chuck Ross reports that the White House conspired with the National School Boards Association on their “Parents might be domestic terrorists” letter.  Let me rephrase.

The Biden White House wanted to take action against parents, so they cooked this whole thing up.

The last bit is my take, not from Chuck Ross, but it’s not a giant leap.  It’s being sold as originating from the NSBA but really?


The emails, obtained by Parents Defending Education through public records requests and reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, reveal that the National School Board Association’s president and CEO sent the letter to Biden on Sept. 29 without approval from the organization’s board. The letter said that the acts of some parents at school board meetings across the country could be considered “a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”


The NSBA is a willing participant, but Biden Inc is all in on Racist Theory and forcing the kids through the genderizer. It’s a political priority. You can’t have your pudding if you don’t share your pronouns, racist!

Parents are unhappy about a curriculum that bullies their kids and labels them all as racists or sexualizes everything. The combination creates a growing political movement across middle America that is paying attention to other default Left-Wing issues.

Add food and fuel inflation, shortages, well – people are paying more attention than the Left would like. If enough of them get activated, stealing elections gets a lot harder to do.

We can’t have that, now can we?

So, I think they came up with a scheme to weaponize the DOJ against parents, and I’m not alone.

Ace frames it for us in two sentences.


This was all a set-up. It was all fugazi. The White House was already primed to order the DOJ to attack concerned parents — but they didn’t want to make it look wholly political.

So they put the NSBA into writing a tearful letter for them, filled with ominous tales of parents making “threats,” to justify what they were going to do anyway.


The Progs wanted to start a new front on the public school war, and I think they thought it’d be a lot like the so-called Insurrection narrative. They selectively investigate a few people – with lots of pre-planned wall-to-wall media coverage – to scare everyone else off. Shut them up proactively.

No one accused of insurrection has been charged, nor will anyone accused of domestic terrorism against a school board. The fear of indefinite detention, legal costs, and so on should be adequate if I had to guess their thinking.

No one will dare challenge the power of the Dark Side or something.

Won’t they?

The father of the (allegedly) raped school-girl (by a boy in a skirt in the girl’s bathroom) was a prime target of the NSBA pre and post letter, but now we know the Loudon County School board knew about that rape and tried to hide it.

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Loudon County is the poster-comrade for this whole engineering experiment with our kids, and boom, Scott Smith is suing the crap out of them.

Not precisely the example the White House was hoping to make. I’m confident they planned to Joe the Plumber him, but a visit from the IRS storm troopers are probably much less imminent if the DOJ can’t bum-rush him.

But let’s not get distracted.

If you don’t like every damn thing for which they stand you will eventually get in their way and they will look for a means to shut you up or take you down.

We’ve never been much for that sort of thing, and now armies of parents know why. And they are not backing down.