"Preferred Pronouns or Prison" - The Totalitarianism Embedded in Transgenderism - Granite Grok

“Preferred Pronouns or Prison” – The Totalitarianism Embedded in Transgenderism

if you want to control peoples thoughts

Do we have free speech or is Government already well down the road to coercing your speech?

That’s the theme of this short from Prager U.

“If you want to control people’s thoughts, begin by controlling their words”


And while this video was done in 2018, it is still happening.

We’re seeing it in SAU16 Exeter School District, headed by Superintendent David Ryan, where a freshman football player was athletically suspended because he wouldn’t take a knee to the Government.  I see it in Gilford where the School Board believes it has the Power (even as the NH Legislature has not passed a statute to do so) to cancel your right to Free Speech.

And we see this all over the country as School Boards are teaching kids, by their example, that it is ok to be a Totalitarian.

It’s 1984 all the way down.  That book was meant to be a warning – not a how-to manual.

(H/T: Prager U)