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Simple, President Asterisk – Go Ask a School Board

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They’re MASTERS of just sitting there, half-heartedly listening to concerned Parents and voters – and then ignoring them.  All you have to do is watch a few videos, Joe, and even you can get the idea – especially since you are having problems.”

And I’m not so sure that President WalkAway is joking all that much:

Biden Jokes to Elementary Students That He Has to ‘Figure Out’ How to Avoid Answering Questions

President Joe Biden joked to elementary school students that he has to try to avoid reporters’ questions as president.

During a visit to East End Elementary School in New Jersey on Monday, Biden joked, “You know, when you’re president, you see all these people here they’re with you all the time.”

“They get to ask all kinds of questions, and you try to figure out how you can avoid answering them sometimes,” he added with a laugh. Biden has routinely avoided answering questions after events, often turning and walking out while reporters attempt to ask a question.

So Xiden at least expends a bit of energy in literally turning his back on his constituents (after all, most of the MSM reporters are merely Democrats with bylines) when they ask questions while school board members sit there like zombies until people get the idea that they aren’t going to get answers and THEY walk away from the Boards.

Very few times will School Board members (those that still have the idea that, as Elected Representatives, they need to be responsive to the voters) will actually answer direct questions. That is, unless a mere employee, the Superintendent (to whom, it seems, that the School Board serves instead of how it is ACTUALLY supposed to work) steps in and making a bad situation even worse.

Biden just walks away. I can understand why. So should the reporters. After all, they can ask any question they want – what comes out of his mouth is up to anyone’s imagination and it may well take some amount of imagination to get any sense of out the gibberish that comes out of his mouth.