Venezuela, China, Russia, Caravan?

What’s going on? The Trump administration notes the return of competition between world powers. States with the ability to wield influence on a global scale are coming increasingly to prominence. America’s national security and national defense strategies need to reflect this new reality. China and Russia, both want to shape a world antithetical to U.S. …

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media bias

Media Weaponizes Trump Heading Into 2020 Election can, on the whole, claim to have had better reporting on the Mueller investigation than most local and national news outlets. The Loony-Left’s claims that we peddle in dirt and lies is a sign the legacy media owns. Large Letters. Neon Light. Open Day and Night.

Natural Gas Flame stove top

Donald Trump Frees Poland From Russian Energy Influence

The Russians must be stupid. They, at least according to a number of unreliable sources, “helped” Donald Trump win the election. So, what? So, he is damaging their economy. Mr. Trump has opposed Russian interests, none more than energy production. He just robbed them of their Gas contracts in Poland.

Venezuela Poverty Protest-Image credit The Daily Signal

Trump Takes on Russia and China Over Venezuela

The Chinese have accomplished a lot. They stole all of Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s emails from her illegal server in real time. They planted a spy next to Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein for decades. Some Chinese citizens sued Terry McAuliffe and Hillary’s brother Tony for fraud. And since Mr. Trump got elected, they’ve started to …

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