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Discus Doodlings: The GOP “Mascot” Is an Elephant – Long Memory Capability. Me Too, Sadly.

NH State Rep Gregg Hough’s Op-Ed is getting some legs, especially after what happened yesterday. There are a lot of ticked off people – and I’m not talking about the Left either (THAT will be another post – just know they are just one inch away from putting anyone that vote for Trump either into …

Discus Doodlings: The GOP “Mascot” Is an Elephant – Long Memory Capability. Me Too, Sadly. Read More »


Data Point – US House Races.

Abstracted: Ahead of the 2020 election, Cook listed 27 races as “toss-ups,” meaning they were too close to predict one way or the other. Republicans won all 27. Despite being assured that conservatism was about to drown beneath an impending “blue wave,” Republicans won every single close race.

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A Little Red State with a Big Blue Crown – Chapter 1

As I said in the prologue, numbers tell a story. While many of us scratch our heads on the split party results on the state government races versus the federal level races, we wonder why this story does not seem to make sense. Why doesn’t our hat match our jacket?


So, trying to pull a “Doug Scamman” in the US House?

For those of you who don’t remember, Doug Scamman was a RINO who served in the NH House for 13 terms. He was Speaker of the NH House from 1986 to 1990 and 2004 to 2006. His greatest feat was to be elected to the Speaker, not by the Republicans, but essentially by the Democrats.

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Data Point: Status of US House Races

Not all of the races have been called at this point – 9 days after the election.  At this point, RealClearPolitics has it at 219 Dems (218 is the majority) and 208 Repubs. Thus far: