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The COVID-19 Legislator Policy Summit is Tomorrow

On Monday, November 30th at 7 pm ET, RebuildNH is hosting a COVID-19 Legislators Policy Summit. This Live Streamed event is open to legislators and the public and features experts in Public Health, Medicine, Economics, and Epidemiology.

Reopen NH Save Livlihoods

ReOpenNH: City-Wide Mask Mandate Defeated in Manchester!

We wanted to write with the details of what happened in Manchester. Contrary to the usual track record of government putting harsher penalties on the People then they put on themselves, Manchester officials actually LISTENED TO YOU and DEFEATED the citywide mask mandate in a vote of 5-8!

Reopen NH Save Livlihoods

ReOpenNH Announces Second Round of Endorsed Candidates

EAST DERRY, N.H. – As Gov. Chris Sununu digs in his heels by continuing emergency orders when there is no longer an emergency, ReopenNH announces a second round of endorsed candidates who are prepared to replace the current do-nothing lawmakers who are allowing the governor’s edicts to circumvent the rule of law.

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Maskless political protests – well over 100 people at events in Concord and Keene

I received the following from a reader reporting from the Keene maskless rally. I also had reports coming to me from the ReOpen maskless rally as well. In all of the reports, I noticed something VERY absent. It went well.The guy who organized it, the guy from Plymouth, he said he put about 5 minutes …

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