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We Need a New Declaration of Independence

Early Americans criticized their king’s rule with the memorable slogan “no taxation without representation” and decried His Majesty’s efforts to suspend their legislatures, altering fundamentally the forms of their government by imposing an arbitrary power structure instead.

Reopen NH Independence Day Rally

ReopenNH – Independence Day Celebration at State House

EAST DERRY, N.H.—With many communities around the state canceling traditional Independence Day celebrations, parades, and fireworks displays on July 4 this year for spurious reasons, ReopenNH is calling all patriots to celebrate American liberty together at the New Hampshire State House from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

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Vermont to Allow Indoor Dining Begining Monday

It’s hard to believe Vermont continues to be ahead of us on this. Their Republican Gov. (Phil Scott) would typically make Chris Sununu look a lot more ‘Republica.’ But Gov. Scott is already opening indoor dining. Beginning Monday, Restaurants will be able to seat to 25% of capacity.

Riverside Racetrack Closed AG

“That’s Big Government For You:” Racetrack Won’t Open After AG Threats

Under threat of the state’s attorney general, the Riverside Speedway in Northumberland will not open to the public this weekend, after having opened for business over Memorial Day. “[U]nfortunately, big government is going to win again,” Riverside Speedway said in a Facebook post. “[A]s a family, we have decided to sit this weekend, May 30, …

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Reopen NH Save Livlihoods

We’re on a Frightening Path of Injustice

Science and experience have demonstrated that governments worldwide overreacted to the COVID-19 threat and perpetuated misleading information to manipulate the public and consolidate power.

My Body My Choice No Mask Law

Nashua Anti-Mask Mandate Protest: Fewer Masks. More Hugs.

On short notice, about 50 people gathered in the plaza in front of Nashua City Hall to protest the ordinance passed 9-3 by the Nashua Board of Aldermen that requires masks to be worn in all businesses in the city to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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Comrade Andru Volinsky – Where’s Your Proof?

In a May 19th letter to the Union Leader, New Hampshire Executive Councilor and Democrat candidate for Governor Andru Volinsky makes a casual aside. He implies without providing any evidence that some of the #ReopenNH protesters are paid.