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ReopenNH/RebuildNH Oppose Protest at Governor Sununu’s Home


We did not cover it, but a group of individuals protested outside governor Sununu’s home over the weekend. Their issue? Emergency Orders, mask mandates, the whole his excellency is becoming his majesty thing. Not everyone agrees with this strategy.

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ReopenNH has been working to draw attention to the problems surrounding these emergency orders all year long. You’ll have likely seen their ad on our pages until just recently. RebuildNH was spun off the first group to continue the pushback, and both groups have asked GraniteStater to protest these emergency orders by “ignoring them flatly and turning any busybody away with emphasis.”

A report at Seacoastonline had erroneously implicated them in the protest at the Governor’s home. They demanded a correction and got it, but also issued the following statement for clarification.

“ReopenNH and RebuildNH had absolutely nothing to do with the protest at the governor’s house, and in fact we have opposed it more than 10 times since the idea first surfaced in the Spring—we opposed it this time, too,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of ReopenNH and RebuildNH. “We believe that the governor’s family and neighbors are off limits and that all efforts should be focused on the governor in his official capacity at the State House or other public buildings and through legislative and legal action.”

This is by no means a fracturing of any coalition. It is simply a delineation of means. The goal has always been to educate and persuade the citizens and legislators about the abuse of power, the human and economic consequences, and the desire to return to a position of liberty by supporting a people and a legislature that will use its power to check executive overreach.

We’ve seen government edict after edict roll out while our elected Legislature has stood by silently and let it happen. Not since before the founding of our country have we had government power so utterly intrusive and destructive affecting our way of life, and citizens need to wake up to the fact that the current government overreach has gone on long enough. This escalation won’t end until the people push back en masse, and they have that opportunity coming up this Tuesday.

At ReopenNH, we have shifted focus to become RebuildNH, and we’ve endorsed a slate of 120 candidates who once elected will push back against the harmful, life-crushing regulations that government has forced on all of us without showing evidence of a public good. Government has done enough damage. We are hopeful that the People will regain their voice in the conversation and eliminate the illogical, unscientific, and unlawful edicts that have robbed us of our liberty.

People are free to protest, and they have that right. But we’ve dropped more than a few lines about Leftists marching up to people’s private residences, intimidating neighbors, and without exception, we agree on the principles that motivate them but oppose protest at people’s homes.

Their spouses and children and neighbors are not on the hook for the elected official’s policy decisions.

We won’t be showing up or covering protests at people’s homes unless they are our own. That’s not an invitation, but we will take pictures and shoot videos and thank you for the free content if you show up.

I imagine Gov. Sununu’s supporters feel the same way.