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New Hampshire’s State of Emergency Ends Today

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Today is the last day of New Hampshire’s State of Emergency, barring any new emergency like an ingrown nail amongst the governor’s staff or someone accidentally stepping on the governor’s lawn.

ReBuildNH celebrated with this:


“We did it! The State of Emergency is over! If it was not for you and your constant phone calls and emails to the N.H. House and Senate, this would not have happened. Please allow that to resonate and give it some thought. The truth is this: The real work of politics happens behind the scenes, and YOU were with us behind the scenes. Thank you and congratulations!”


RebuildNH, ReOpenNH, and a host of groups arose in the wake of the fake-pandemic and the political response. Their efforts and effectiveness cannot be overstated. Individuals have been activated, probably for years to come as a result, on a wide range of important liberty issues, so I’ll go so far as to say “we,” as in them, did that.

Thank you.

And I have served with or beside several members of the core group leaders in the past or know them by other means, and regard them highly.

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But I’m not ready to say, “we did it!” when it comes to ending the State of Emergency. I will, however, continue to support the effort to do whatever we can to prevent this sort of abuse of power in the future. To that end, ReBuildNH also had this to say.


Legislative Update: Let’s Make Sure Executive Overreach Never Happens Again

Now that the State of Emergency is over, one thing is certain: we need to make sure something like this NEVER happens again! Never again can we allow one man in the corner office to run our entire state and way of life without any checks and balances on his power. The consequences of one-man rule are too severe.

The good news is that there are two efforts led by RebuildNH endorsed representatives in the House that will go a long way toward accomplishing this goal, and we need your help to get this language across the finished line.

Here’s where we’re at: The House passed HB 417 and emergency powers reforms in the budget (HB 2), but the Senate edited this language out and watered it down. The House, led by our people in the N.H. House Freedom Caucus, are standing their ground and fighting to restore the House Freedom Caucus language, which would ensure Legislative oversight over future States of Emergency as well as individual emergency orders passed by the governor. Without this language becoming law, there won’t be a state budget this year. The goal is to pass identical language in both HB 417 and HB 2 to ensure that it becomes law, and it is now up to two Committees of Conference (made up of House and Senate leaders) to iron out these details.

Here’s where you come in: Please contact the committee of conference members for HB 417 and HB 2 and ask them to pass identical N.H. House Freedom Caucus emergency powers reform language in both bills so that we are ensured these changes will become law. If we can get this done this year, our freedom and the balance of powers in state government will be in a far more stable position.

Here are the people to contact:

For HB 2
Conference committee meeting: 11 a.m., 06/14/2021
Location: LOB 210-211
Senate Members: Chuck MorseJeb BradleyCindy Rosenwald
House Members and Alternates: Members: Lynne OberKenneth WeylerKaren UmbergerLeonard TurcotteSherman Packard; Alternates: Jess EdwardsPeter LeishmanMary Jane WallnerNorman MajorTracy Emerick

For HB 417
Conference committee meeting: 11 a.m., 06/14/2021
Location: LOB 306-308
Senate: Bob GiudaSharon CarsonSuzanne Prentiss
House:  Carol McGuireTerry RoyTony LekasJeffrey Goley

On top of this final effort for the year, these key bills are also in their final push for victory and could use your support:

      • HB 542, religious protection during a state of emergency
      • HB 220 medical freedom act
      • HB 63 reversal and forgiveness of Covid fines (part of HB 2)

Huzzah to all that, the end of this state of emergency, and ensuring any actual future emergency will not be able to arbitrarily destroy the lives and lives that this one has no matter who is governor when that time comes.