If You Missed It Listen to RebuildNH's COVID-19 Policy Summit - Granite Grok

If You Missed It Listen to RebuildNH’s COVID-19 Policy Summit

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On Monday, November 30th, RebuildNH hosted and live-streamed their COVID-19 Legislators Policy Summit. This event brought together experts to address issues such as “lockdown effectiveness, herd immunity, unintended consequences, contact tracing and mass testing, face coverings, and more.”

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Please visit ReOpen/RebuildNH and donate to support them and their great work.

And please listen to the Policy Summit. It is an outstanding source of information unfiltered by Big Media, Big Tech, Big Business, Big Government, or Big Pharma.

In other words, these are experts talking to legislators and citizens (you) to provide them with necessary information about COVID19, the response, and the consequences.