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I’d Like To Thank New Hampshire’s Establishment Republicans

DTtanks for the knife in the backespite the attitude and priorities of the more moderate-establishment (r)epublicans, and the snooty first family-checkbook wielding-GOP aristocracy in New Hampshire, the conservative/liberty movement shied away from running third party races in 2010.   They did not split the party, or run as independents, though a few establishment (r)epublicans who lost their primaries did.

Instead, the liberty/conservative movement embraced shared interests and invested themselves in getting Republicans elected.  They offered both time and money, worked sign-waves and phone banks, and helped hand the NHGOP super-majorities in the legislature, to win the entire executive council, two congressional seats, a US Senate seat, and the closest race for governor Comrade Lynch has yet seen.

Part of that success was the tireless work of one Jack Kimball.  After the primary, Jack wasn’t even running for anything, yet he was running everywhere for everyone, committed to getting the Republicans elected whether he agreed with all of their policy positions or not.  His reward was the chairmanship of the State party, duly elected by the voting members.  But a few weeks before that vote, then GOP chair Sununu, while ignoring his own pro-establishment and media bomb throwers, had this to say.

Sununu said he was “a little bit disappointed about some of the divisive comments that have been made by some of Jack’s supporters. That is not the way to bring the party together and it does Jack a disservice because it gives the impression that his support is coming from people who would rather divide than unite. 

Chairman John Sununu, January of 2011 – Granite Status.

These are the words of someone convinced of their own supremacy.  The establishment wins, and look, we were all about unity, so that the liberty movement–the losers, could continue to toe the party line and help us win landslide elections.  The End.

Oops. That didn’t happen.  What did happen is the bitter GOP Establishment lost and decided to take democracy and unity on a trip through the Orwellian reassignment machine.

The new unity, from the old school GOP insiders, now meant that the check writing GOP-establishment- aristocracy would go out of its way to keep money from finding the state Republican party.  With the majority vote no longer having any value to the party elites (particularly when it fails to go their way), New and improved unity also meant making a few phone calls to keep the national GOP money out of New Hampshire as well.  Bitter?  You bet.

Maybe we should revisit the words of Governor Sununu with some minor edits…

"This is not the way to bring the party together and it does a disservice because it gives the impression that the (establishment GOP) support is coming from people who would rather divide (and conquer?) than unite.

Yeah I know. F-N Bloggers. Welcome to the power of new media.

Speaking for myself, I’d like to say thank You.  No, really.  You have shown yourselves to be nothing more than the childish, backstabbing, power hungry hypocrites we all knew you were.  You don’t care about the New Hampshire Republican party, you just care about who is running it and your place in the pecking order. 

I’m not surprised.  I’m quite sure I predicted this.  So I tell you what.  I know a lot of you have stuck with Jack and that is real unity, for which I say thank you. To the rest of you….we helped you win, and when we won you tried to screw us, so let’s just call it even.  We’ll consider that so-called cash bribe the insiders reportedly offered for Jack to step aside (whether it was real or not) a $100,000.00 investment in demonstrating what kind of people you really are; and just how badly we need to find new ways to finance the New Hampshire Republican Party.  Clearly, you folks just can’t be trusted nor relied upon.

So you establishment, back-stabbing types can keep your money.  If you can’t find someone else to bribe maybe buy a boat or another house.  Take a nice vacation.  Hey, maybe you can rent the place next to Charlie Rangel and spend your days sunning both of your faces.  I don’t really care where you go, but I bet that no matter where you end up…it will probably be very hot there.

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