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Old Establishment Scared…The Liberty Wing Needs To Double Down –

The liberty and freedom part of the NHGOP is already winning the war.  We just lost one battle.  The establishment is scared.   We are only a few votes away from preventing what just happened and they know it. The old moderate establishment is desperate and on their way out.  So stand up for your new GOP and be patient.  Keep electing your pro-liberty Republican candidates to office, to town committees, and as local committee chairs. You will be victorious in the end. And that end is not so far away as you may imagine.

But not if you abandon your party now.  And it is your party.Gadsden Flag

Despite that majority presence and influence some have insisted that the ouster of Jack Kimball is proof they need to leave the GOP.  Some folks are just looking for a reason to quit.  But I disagree as much as anyone can disagree about anything.  This is a sign that we need more liberty minded folks in the GOP. 

There are plenty of people in the party structure now who are looking for more back-up.  People who would love to get away from the old guard way of doing things.  Even folks who got strong-armed last week. 

We already have the votes to elect a Jack Kimball as state party Chair.  Even if we could agree that Jack was not the perfect guy for the job, we still have the votes to give it to someone who is.  But if you start backing out now, that will never happen.  The existing insiders looking for help will stop looking.  The old guard town and city committee chairs, beholden to the old way of doing things, will never get replaced.  We’ll have given up when we had them on the run.

It is time to double down. Secure the victory. 

The Conservative, liberty, and TEA party movements in this state elected most of the conservative and pro-liberty members without old-establishment help last time around.   What makes anyone think we need it now?  We don’t.  They need us.  So dig in, hit the ground, support your candidates, work together, and continue the revolution toward a new NHGOP.  The old one is already dead, it just doesn’t know it yet.

We need to commit ourselves, with or without the party to keep democrats out of office, to retain the Republican majority, to add more pro-liberty Republicans to the ranks, and to elect a Republican governor. 

Besides, I now know who the ring leader behind the removal of Jack Kimball is.  I’m just looking for a few more pieces to the puzzle before I start exposing them.  And yes, it is about as establishment as you can get.


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