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No Police No Problem

No Police No Problem … Really?

No shirt, No shoes, No police, No problem. Cities deciding to cut their police funding should stop and ask: Who was Jimmy Hoffa? Maybe they could be cutting their own supply lines. Would that be an issue? What percentage of food, hardware, lumber, electrical supplies, etc. comes by a truck?

NH Constitution

“Do You Own Your Property”

UPDATED and BUMPED: Courtesy of Ian Freeman, you can view the full court proceeding at the bottom of the post. ****************** On Thursday,December 19, 2019 the Belknap Superior court issued its ruling in the case of Town of Belmont v. Mike Sylvia. The court ordered an injunction against the use of my property, and awarded attorney’s …

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Democrat Logo

Is Porn the Embodiment of the Liberal Political Agenda?

Porn addiction, like all addictions, ruin relationships. And like drug use, these are not victimless crimes. And I don’t mean crime in the legal sense. More its impact on the foundation of the culture and the nation. One built on families whose survival demands certain morals and values.

Entering the mind of John Locke – The Purpose of Government

We have almost completely lost the understanding of the purpose of government. Republicans and Democrats alike, fight over policy, but who is right? We have plenty of sources we can look to to find our path to prosperity. And I don’t just mean financially, but morally & spiritually.

Welcome to Islamic State of North America

If Islam were to become dominant; what would America’s reality look like? We know creation of an Islamic State means imposition of a theocratic totalitarian government. This theocracy is religious state government with centralized control by an autocratic, authoritarian, dictatorial, despotic hierarchy under one ruler. According to an Art Moore World News Daily article a …

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Granite State Fair Tax Spins And Spins And Spins

To sell you on this Utopian elixir of piss, GSFTC argues that New Hampshire’s property taxes favor the rich, and most recently have sent out a pile of nonsense with some misleading graphs, through Fernald’s email list to make the sale. But as usual it is spun upside down and backwards and ignores one very unassailable fact. New Hampshire has one of the lowest overall tax burdens in the nation because it relies on property taxes.