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No Police No Problem … Really?

No Police No Problem

No shirt, No shoes, No police, No problem. Cities deciding to cut their police funding should stop and ask: Who was Jimmy Hoffa? Maybe they could be cutting their own supply lines. Would that be an issue? What percentage of food, hardware, lumber, electrical supplies, etc. comes by a truck?

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Let’s stop for just a minute and think about what these Democrap thugs are doing. Urban politicians, all those idjits caught in the thrall of Black Lives Matter rioters and Antifa anarchists should stop and consider their position.

What are these city dwellers going to do? Are there massive hydroponic operations in your city? How are you going to feed yourselves if security is gone and truckers can no longer safely reach the stores in your city?

Guess what all you mental midgets, if it’s not safe for truckers to carry goods, they just might not do it. How long are trucking companies going to be willing to risk their people, their vehicles and their business? Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think they will. Stopping the trucks has been done before. That’s something you would know if your university education included history instead of gender studies.

Defunding the police is a bad idea. Why? Because when you’re on the road for days and weeks at a time, driving with valuable cargo, everybody wants to steal your load. On the road there’s no safe place. Violence is everywhere. So, if you’re going to be having valuable cargo and there’s going to be no police to rely on… Still think No Police No Problem?

What happens when safety on the streets is gone?

The cities and states that are going to defund the police… Guess what? The Teamsters are not going to go to there. They are going to try to avoid those states for safety reasons. These drivers have the right to refuse a load because they are worried about their own safety.

When drivers refuse to go into these areas the food supply chain collapses. There are going to be shortages of essential goods. The people in these states are going to run out of food. Then there’s going to be complete chaos.

Ask your grocer how long the store’s shelf last before they go empty? They will probably tell you something like 72 hours and that’s it. The party’s over. Doubt it? How long did the toilet paper last at the start of the epidemic?

It isn’t just hot spots like Minneapolis, where city councils have already voted to begin the process of dismantling the police department. There’s New York, where leftist Mayor Bill de Blasio and a leftist city council are more interested in painting the words “Black Lives Matter” on the street than protecting actual black lives. (Hint: you do that with adequate police staffing.)

Last Sunday, the New York Post reported New York City has seen 777 shooting incidents this year. That’s one more than in all of 2019 with four months left to go in 2020. The incidents resulted in 942 killed or wounded victims.

USA Today reported Friday that police departments across the country are having funding slashed. This is the direct result of the “defund the police” movement. Sure it is compounded by the toll the coronavirus crisis has taken on local government budgets too. Necessity people understand. Self inflicted bad judgment is a different thing all together. There’s more than one reason why No Police No Problem is false.

Who ya gonna’ call?

Something every elected official in the United States should remember is that the first function of government is to protect the lives and property of its citizens. Democraps aren’t willing to do that. And Democraps are the political party we’re talking about. They have no business being in a position to make decisions. It might mean the supplies their citizens rely on won’t be available for purchase or looting.

What are truckers supposed to do when they’re in trouble? Who response if somebody wants to hijack the truck? When somebody beats up a driver? When we’re not going to be able to help truckers we’re not going to be able to provide the backup for them to be safe.

This is something the peaceful protest narrative, false as it is, has given no coverage at all in the mainstream media. Most politicians and journalists don’t think much about where the food and other goods on store shelves actually come from. They take it for granted because the little people take care of that.

Think about it. This is the same brain dead logic the Green New Deal crowd uses. They somehow have convinced themselves electricity comes from a wall socket… end of story. Well no. There’s a whole production, distribution and consumption story that is being ignored.

With trucking real people, driving real vehicles bring in just about everything the population of a city like Minneapolis or New York needs to survive. When those men and women have to worry about their lives when they go to work, that’s a problem. When companies have to worry about their employees and their cargo, it’s going to complicate things. No Police No Problem is going to be expensive as well as dangerous.


Jimmy Hoffa understood there’s a simple way to explain it. Cutting off police means unsafe streets. No safe streets might be cutting off your own supplies. Taking care of our cities is like doing the maintenance on your car. You can pay me now or you will pay me later. But you are going to pay me. The only questions are how much and when?