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Welcome to Islamic State of North America

If Islam were to become dominant; what would America’s reality look like? We know creation of an Islamic State means imposition of a theocratic totalitarian government. This theocracy is religious state government with centralized control by an autocratic, authoritarian, dictatorial, despotic hierarchy under one ruler.

According to an Art Moore World News Daily article a Washington DC Imam, Abdul Alim Musa, called for “replacement of the U.S. government with ‘the Islamic State of North America’ by 2050.”

We know an Islamist Imam has said that “No Muslim can accept secularism, freedom, and democracy. It is for Allah alone to legislate how society is regulated! Muslims long for Allah’s law to replace the law of man.” As cited by Bruce Bower in While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West from Within.

Michael Youssef in his book, The Third Jihad gives us a glimpse of what we might expect. What follows is a paraphrase of his far more detailed description.

Memorials and history…

What would it mean at say the Ground Zero Memorial? Likely the names of the victims killed in the attack be removed and replaced with the names of the martyrs who flew the planes into the buildings. Mount Rushmore would be dynamited, the Statue of Liberty removed, and the Lincoln Memorial be destroyed. The originals of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence would be tossed in a bonfire.


If what happened in Iraq happens in the United States, here’s we might live with. All property belonging to heretical religious groups is subject to confiscation. Those groups would include but not be limited to Jewish synagogues, Cathedrals, churches, and even apostate Islamic sects. They would likely be converted into mosques. You and your adult children are ordered to renounce your religion and convert to Islam or pay the jizya tax of submission. Female children are removed from school because they need to learn only one thing; obedient submission.


Men as young as 14 are conscripted and must swear allegiance to the state. They are taught to root out enclaves of Christians, Jews and other Kafir (unbelievers). Waging jihad against apostates and heretics of rival Muslim sects is required. Government workers no longer slack off or go on strike. Doing so gets them put in prison. Public services continue. The streets are swept; pot holes filled, power remains on, water flows and sewage is disposed of. Taxes are collected on every transaction with a ruthlessness that makes you long for the IRS.

Sharia enforcement…

The Ministry of Moral Code Enforcement enforces Sharia law. They often work undercover and are everywhere. Their purpose is to ensure women obey the dress code, men obey haircut and beard regulations, children are quiet and reverent during prayers, and no one listens to forbidden music. Females unaccompanied by a male relative outside the home and those not properly covered risk brutal punishment. Clothes stores now sell only black, brown and white naqibs and chadors. Violators are admonished, fined or arrested.

If arrested they are tried in Sharia courts and are guilty until they prove themselves innocent. Few do. The guilty may be flogged, imprisoned, suffer amputation, or execution. These punishments are not considered cruel or unusual. They are intended to promote virtue and prevent vice. There need be no fear. The laws are clear and perfectly reasonable. Dissent is not allowed. Non-compliance is not allowed.

Elimination of oppression…

Americans are no longer oppressed by a wide array of freedoms. They now joyfully accept and adhere to the merciful rules and regulations set forth by the prophet. With the clarity of the Sharia every man knows to the centimeter the spot on his calf where is pants should be hemmed. The people are blessed and happy. They know exactly what is expected of them in every detail of their lives.

Computers, the internet, smartphones, security cameras and drones maintain constant surveillance for control of the people. Everyone is watched and listened to on the street, in the office, at the market and in the home. There is no place to hide. All sin and vice will be eliminated. Nothing escapes notice. We are released from the oppression of free will. All people are happy grateful subjects of the Islamic utopia.