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Democrats Destroy Everything They Touch – Venice Beach Edition

Demorrhoids destroy everything they touch

Maybe you’ve heard me say it. Democrats destroy everything they touch. It’s true, and they can’t help proving me right. Venice Beach, California. World Famous Venice Beach. Decades of Left-wing rule have reduced it to a crime-riddled dumpster fire.

The result of policies that create or encourage the resulting behavior.

Homeless camps have swamped the area. Crime has risen exponentially. That includes both crimes committed by the homeless and crimes against them.

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This (ladies and gentleman) is their utopia, what some are calling the new skid row.



If you watch the entire video, it is 15 minutes of homeless camps with a few spots where artists still set up and try to sell their wares. In some cases, the artists are the homeless, but most of these folks are victims of Democrat politics and policies. From joblessness to taxes to property law to immigration to criminal justice to COVID policy.

Democrats have controlled these parts of California for decades.

How many examples of failure do we need?

The Democrat party legacy is plantation politics, high crime, low standards of living, with a ruling class that lives high and fine at the expense of not just the rich but the Middle class they are quickly erasing.

That’s deliberate.

A healthy middle class is the bane of the Marxist revolution. So are property rights, rule of law, free speech, the right to self-defense. But people don’t just give those up (well, some do – see COVID response).

But if you make them feel guilty enough for daring to succeed, even on their own terms, (with something like, say, Critical Race Theory for example), you can then systematically deprive them of their property rights or at least their will to protect them.

The end result is the same.

What you are left with is what we see at Venice Beach. A growing army of dependents who can only improve their lives by depriving others of their property.

A lesson they learned from their government.

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