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If You Put Things in Harm’s Way, Yes, Those Things WILL be Harmed Eventually

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New Hampshire Business Review recently published an otherwise innocuous piece titled: Report: Over 9,000 NH homes at risk of major storm surge. The report calculates likely property damage given certain weather events. Given the climate narratives of recent years, I was suspicious.

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Flooding and storm surge are two common conditions that the Weather Witches and Climate Cultists conjure up as proof that man-made contributions are destroying the planet. Yes, the climate changes, but as far as I can tell the serious long-term threat man represents to the planet comes from the political system called communism. That is to say, the goal of Democrat Socialism.

These nations are dirty, thoughtless polluters with no regard for the costs to land, water, animals or people, in their pursuit of power and resources. By design. They are expensive and voracious. Feeding it inevitably takes priority over every other concern. Individual liberty just goes first.

So, the Climate Cult chicknlittleism we see is just more projection from the left. Which is why I am suspicious of NHBR’s “report.”

It is just a report. But it feeds a larger lie. One that many scientists, including the IPCC, repeatedly admit is not true.

Man’s effect on the climate has not resulted in more frequent and more severe weather that causes more damage.  There is more damage, even when there are fewer storms because we have placed more valuable things (people and property) in harm’s way.

The NHBR report notes that a category 4 storm could cause up to two billion dollars in damage on the New Hampshire seacoast. And that’s is probably true. The report is not trying to be political or climate biased and it does not place blame. It states mathematical probabilities.  These will provide aid in many sectors from insurance to building codes to emergency response. All necessary consideration when you add value to things in places that are seen as more desirable despite being increasingly in harm’s way.

Even if we were to accept the dogma about sea level rise, which we don’t (and neither do the homeowners or the real estate market), building edifices on sand begs for collapse.

Adding billions in property where earthquakes or mudslides are common will result in more property damage and loss of life than before those things were there.

Homes added to remote densely wooded areas will increasingly succumb to a forest fire.

Homes crammed up against a shoreline will experience damage from storm surge – because there will always be storms and storm surge.

Like the title says, “If You Put Things in Harm’s Way, Yes, Those Things WILL be Harmed Eventually.”

And given that there are more things, and in a properly working system where these things are cherished, more value to destroy, the result will be more costly storm damage. 

That does not mean man is to blame for making the weather worse. It means man is to blame for challenging the weather and losing.

But if “man” accepts this risk and bears the cost, in a free society, no one should really care. Sadly, there is a political party and a well-funded army of rent-seekers who will misuse these facts to, ironically, advance us toward a political system that historically the worst possible outcome for air, water, land, wildlife, and people.