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I Wasn’t Expecting This Sort of BS From the Rebooted Parler – But Here It Is!

Yesterday I got a warning from Parler. No, not Facebook, or Twitter, Parler. Over what? I was surprised. I shared yesterday’s news about Sununu and Donchess. Sununu is cutting spending and taxes as a form of COVID19 mandate relief, he says. The Nashua Mayor, a Democrat, says that means he’ll have to raise taxes. Democrats …

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Parler is Back!

Parler’s reboot went live yesterday (ish). I could not log in until today (they are working out the kinks), but it is there and not without some intrigue. The Left’s media war on the platform continues as it suggests Parler is back thanks to some colluding with a company that has ties to (you guessed …

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Parler Technical difficulties graphic

Parler: “We will not let civil discourse perish!”

Facebook has been flagging news about the “return” of Parler as false. It is fair to say that Parler is not back the way it was before Amazon pulled the plug (lawsuits underway for breach of contract). But if you go to, there is a Parler page with a message.

Notable Quote: Why are they afraid of us?

Reformatted, emphasis mine: January 8, 2021. As a conservative political writer, which I’ve been for some time, Friday night had the weird feel of a surrealistic, conservative-thought-purging Kristallnacht. First and most surreal, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter permanently banning the account of the President of the United States. Not for some singular awful thing Donald Trump did, said, …

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The Walls Are Closing In – Amazon Shuts Down Parler!

The Parler horse is out of the App Store stables and is gaining speed in its run for freedom as millions of users jump on the bandwagon. What to do? Twitter deplatforms individual users, but Amazon can de-host entire platforms from its web server farms!


Censorship And Worse On The Horizon

It didn’t take long for the Leftist-elitist class to make their first post-election move, banning President Trump from their online platforms then trying to put a bullet into independent options (like Parler). Unfortunately, it’s a safe bet that they are going after the First Amendment in order to then go after the Second. At that …

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