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Gov Sununu Proposes Tax and Spending Cuts – Nashua Mayor Says He’ll Have to Raise Taxes

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We predicted this from the earliest days of the government-imposed reductions in tax revenue (‘cuz COVID19). Democrats would slaughter their tax base with restrictions then punish taxpayers afterward by raising taxes. Republicans might cut spending to offset the pain they caused.

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You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see this coming, but you do have to accept a certain truth. The last thing a Democrat will ever cut is government.  Why?

Because you didn’t build that, it’s not your money. They allow you to keep some, and you are expected to be happy about that. Grousing is unpatriotic even after Democrats imposed mandates that decimated your job, business, or tax base.

Gov. Sununu for all his faults has proposed a budget that cuts spending and taxes. Why? In part to help job creators and consumers recover from the political pain caused by the pandemic. In part because it will increase revenues. Not just because this is almost always true but because we are surrounded by states run by people like Democrat Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess.

Lower taxes will attract more businesses, more consumers, and (as much as we think taxation is theft) more tax revenue.

How do New Hampshire Democrats feel about Gov. Sununu’s tax and spending cuts?

They say Sununu is cramming costs down on towns, which means higher property taxes, but that’s only true if Democrats refuse to cut spending at the local level.

The political contrasts write themselves, and Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess is here to help.


“At exactly the worst time, the state of New Hampshire has slammed us with nearly $12 million in downshifted costs. Every time the state does something like this, your property taxes go up,” Donchess said.


What Donchess means is that “at exactly the worst time (for you and job creators)” he will not cut government. He will not streamline or look for savings.  He will insist that the government that forced job creators and residents to give up paychecks, jobs, and customers has no obligation to pinch pennies, cut corners, or pay a price for their mandates.

He will punish taxpayers and blame someone else.

And if memory serves, the City of Nashua has been aggressive All COVID-Year-Long about exploring new spending.

Big-ticket projects that cost taxpayers tens of millions that, given the revenue situation they created with their COVID19 policy restrictions, should have been shelved or dropped.

They asked their job creators and citizens to do with less, but they are, as predicted, incapable.

And now that the Governor has said the state must cut corners, Nashua has refused and will have to raise taxes.

My advice?

Nashua needs to clean its political house. Mayor, Alderman, School Board, all of it. Your Democrat majority city government cares not one bit about your circumstances and it will continue to bleed you until your city is dead and even the New Hampshire Advantage can’t save it.