Incoming: Corporate Ad Pressure Will Suppress Our Content on Facebook and Twitter - Granite Grok

Incoming: Corporate Ad Pressure Will Suppress Our Content on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook-Censored Social media, Shadow-banning

If you are not transitioning away from Facebook and Twitter, please start. I post Grok content to several other platforms (listed below). If that’s not your thing, then please create a Disqus account so you can comment directly on our pages here.

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Massive corporate pressure is being applied to Facebook and Twitter. These companies spend a fortune on advertising, and they are refusing to spend if these platforms do not suppress Republican and Conservative ideas.  They already do and want to do more, so it sill take them zero seconds to make that leap.

This means that sharing and engagement could become increasingly difficult on Facebook and Twitter.

The easiest solution for everyone is for you to simply come here. Bypass the middle-man. Engage in comments below each post. That will require you to join Disqus, which, if you don’t, will mean you cannot comment here, or you will need to join something else.

We have some options.

I have been sharing our content on several other social media platforms, including Parler, which has been promoted heavily on the right as the anti-Twitter. It’s different and a bit clunky (if you ask me), but they can tweak it as they go. And they say they will not censor our speech.

None of the other platforms where I share will suppress our content, and while they are not Facebook or Twitter, they are not Facebook and Twitter. We will continue to operate there as long as we are permitted to do so, but we do not expect that relationship to last. So, please, consider joining and following Grok content on these other platforms or all of them.


My Personal Twitter
GraniteGrok’s Twitter

IN case you still want to follow us and have not.

GrokFacebook Page

Any existing member can approve new GrokFacebook Group members.

Note: The Grok MeWe group is not date, but I will go back to using it.

And as noted, I will continue to add content to Facebook, both the Grok Page and the Grok Group, but if you find you are not getting alerts or updates, remember that we add anywhere form 10-15 new articles every day if you don’t see that many on Facebook or Twitter, we are being shadowbanned.