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Massachusetts we want your money

Going Backward: “Charlie Parker” Imposes 14- Day Traveler Quarantine in Mass. with $500.00 Fine for Violators

Messachusetts, Maskachusetts, the People’s Republic, is struggling with the pandemic. In fact, they are going backward. From May to June, their unemployment went up. And as “infections” spike – not an actual indication of anything but testing – and bad tests, Gov. Charlie “Parker” has gone back to mandatory traveler quarantine.

Big Brother 1984 Mask Coronavirus

Maskachusetts Health Officials Approve Permanent Mask Mandate

The Massachusetts Maskachusetts Public Health Department has voted to approve a permanent mask mandate for the Bay State. Talk about living up to your nickname. The only thing standing between residents and a forever requirement – for the good of public health – is a July 24th Public hearing.