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Social Justice

Ben Shapiro: Justice is good. Social Justice is bad. Here’s why

Justice is about the individual. Social Justice is only about Group Justice where YOU are held responsible for anyone else that the Left believes to be in “your group.” Ben Shapiro nails this, and a LOT of things tied to it, in this short 3-minute video.


If Fear Can Destroy Civilization, Courage Can Save It

The Leftists using the Democrat name have long said occurrences of voter and election fraud are so rare as to be nearly nonexistent. They lie every time they say it. Leftists maintain such occurrences should not be used as pretexts for implementing “unnecessary” measures. They know they are wrong.

Refurbishing the justice

Refurbishing the Justice in the Criminal Justice System

President Donald Trump promised in his first State of the Union address to “embark on reforming our prisons to help former inmates who have served their time get a second chance at life.” This was part of his broader economic and public safety agendas.