It's Time For NH's Superintendents to RESIGN - Granite Grok

It’s Time For NH’s Superintendents to RESIGN

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To those Superintendents who are pushing Critical Race Theory in their school district (and you know who you are), it’s time for you to resign and give your job to a POC (Person of Color).

It has become abundantly clear from the agenda you’ve been pushing in your district through assigned books for your staff, anti-racist propaganda, books of blame and shame for your students, and other white shaming materials, it’s time for you to step down from your position.

We see CRT coming through Social and Emotional Learning, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice, embedded in the curriculum, and no matter how much you deny it, CRT has been part of your agenda for a while now.

I’ve read materials from SAU16/Exeter, Manchester, Litchfield, Sanborn, Hampton, Hopkington, Hollis-Brookline,  Laconia, and a few other districts that made it very clear; whites have too much privilege and power. Since this is what you believe, then it’s time for you (because you are all white and wielding power within your systemically racist organization ) to step down.

Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk.

Based on what you’ve put forward, you can start by dismantling yourself. While you are at it, please let everyone know how you will be donating your property to indigenous people.

A lot of what you’ve promoted claims that :
1) You are inherently racist because of the color of YOUR skin.
2) You began your journey to white supremacy about the age of three.
3) The land you reside on is stolen land.
4) There is nothing you can really do to change your inherent racism.
5) You are an oppressor.
6) You’ve victimized POC long enough.

Not only should you resign, but I found your replacement. Chanelle Wilson, assistant professor of education and director of Africana Studies at the women’s liberal arts college, said the country “didn’t work for black people.” She went on to say, “So who is this country for? This country is only for white people.”

According to this report by The College Fix, “Wilson said people of color are told by white U.S. citizens: “Don’t ask for too much, be happy that you’re allowed to be here, don’t make a ruckus, don’t say anything, don’t have a brain, don’t learn, don’t do any of those things.”

The scholar said she is not being facetious, “that is the truth.”
She explains the tenets of Critical Race theory in this audio. This is what you’ve been pushing in your own district:

Since your goal is equity, UCLA law professor and critical race theorist Cheryl Harris proposed suspending private property rights, seizing land and wealth, and redistributing them along racial lines.

So not only should you be removed from your privileged job as Superintendent, but you should also be taking your property over to the BLM office nearest you and donating it.

It’s not good enough to push these Marxist views on children, you need to start with yourselves. When you put forward any kind of radical political agenda such as this one, you need to hold yourself accountable for all of the damage you’ve done throughout your life.

If you are going to push Marxism on your students, then live the Marxist lifestyle.

In a world of limited time, why are you spending time pushing Marxist ideology on children in this way? Wouldn’t it be better to actually educate children in the areas of mathematics, reading, writing, and science?  A student the learns Marxism through your political agenda in the classroom, will need Marxism in the real world. A well-educated student will not need Marx in the real world. Marxism is a utopia, the core classes offer the reality of natural law.

The ones trying to divide our kids, do not take into account the failures of Marxism in practice.

Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe promised the same kind of utopia as these Superintendents and radicalized teachers. He adopted Marxist and Maoist views.

Beginning in 2000, he encouraged the takeover of white-owned commercial farms, leading to economic collapse and runaway inflation. Zimbabwe’s commercial farming collapsed, triggering years of hyperinflation and food shortages that created a nation of impoverished billionaires.

They have not recovered from the Communist liberation that Mugabe waged in the name of liberating the black indigenous people.  That is the pattern in history. It leads to blood and war. What he considered a struggle against colonialism led to economic devastation for an entire country.

It’s as if the Superintendents earning six-figure salaries have not studied history, but instead, caved to a radical group of Marxists using race to promote their radical political agenda. I’m simply asking that you start living your life the way you believe our lives should be led. Only then will we take any of you seriously.

To the parents in school districts promoting this discrimination, why don’t you hold your Superintendent accountable for what he/she is pushing on your kids?  You can start by sending this article to your Superintendent and ask him/her to resign immediately.