Jan Schmidt's "stop those free speech meanies" Bill Has a Full Committee Work Session This Wed. Feb 5th - Granite Grok

Jan Schmidt’s “stop those free speech meanies” Bill Has a Full Committee Work Session This Wed. Feb 5th

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This Wednesday, February 5th HB1159, “the stop those free speech meanies” bill has a full committee work session. The hearing is scheduled for the Legislative Office Building (LOB), room 204 at 10: 00 am ET. Please bring enough crayons to share.

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Baby GiraffeTo summarize HB1159 would allow Public servants or their family members who feel like someone is being mean to them online to cry and whine and pout AND get the bully or whomever they can claim instigated the bullying in BIG Trouble!

One of the bills prime sponsors, Jan Schmidt (D-Nashua), believes this is necessary to protect herself from blowback resulting from the wildly unsubstantiated stories she shares on Facebook (and her voting record) or to protect family members from public exposure who have threatened our authors. 

Baby deerWe wish them luck and encourage Democrats to support the bill. It’s so much easier to get out the vote in November when constituents learn that any email, Facebook comment or Tweet to (or in response to) their local or state officials votes, words, or actions could get them in trouble with the law (if the public servant feels like it gave them the sads or they just don’t like those people).

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Remember, if you have something supportive to say you are welcome to attend the hearing. Please bring a trophy or a star for each of the Democrats on the committee to make them feel good about themselves and what they are doing.

The Republicans are all adults, you can just give them a quick wink or a nod during the Democrats’ nap time.