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Freedom of Speech is Now an Instrument of Terror on a College Campus


Once again, we see that Leftists don’t want Freedom of Speech and Ideas. They hate the idea that anyone is allowed to say what they want ESPECIALLY when it goes against their agenda, narrative, or beliefs. Just ask NH State Rep Jan Schmidt (D-Nashua) about this as she has actively done so.

In this case, someone who was offended and aggrieved that a young PragerU person would dare to come on campus to ask students questions that he called the cops.

He wasn’t happy at the end:

The incredulous look on this guy’s face as the cops tell him that other people have as much right to their opinions as he has to his is PRICELESS. I am betting, however, that this smackdown of his trying to take down someone else’s Constitutional Right probably meant absolutely nothing.

These snowflakes just don’t get that everyone else gets a vote and gets to have an opinion EVEN AS it may differ from his. But this is what passes for “dialogue” on campuses nowadays. He truly is astonished that the campus police would take NO action against the PragerU guy. Ideology over the Law wasn’t a concept that played well.

Meanwhile, the PragerU guy was just happy to keep rolling. After all, it proved a maxim all over again:

The Left wants everyone else silenced; the Right wants the Left to keep talking and talking and talking…

(H/T: The Blaze)