Crucifixion "Humor" and Why Mrs. Potato Head Has More Self-Awareness Than Democrat Jan Schmidt - Granite Grok

Crucifixion “Humor” and Why Mrs. Potato Head Has More Self-Awareness Than Democrat Jan Schmidt

Mrs Potato head and Jan Schmidt

The gift that keeps on giving has given more. I know, how does Representative Jan Schmidt do it? She has taken to Facebook, opened her precious yap, and is now dumbfounded by the response to her sharing “a joke” about crucifying another human being.

Given our unique relationship, we figured we could help.

Jan appears to hate us. We report on her votes, bills she sponsors, things she says on social media, and add our opinion about those things. And no, hate is not too strong a word for Jan. She calls GraniteGrok a hate site.

I don’t see it but how could I, I’m not Jan Schmidt. Thank God for favors large and small.

Speaking of God, Jan happily shared some crucifixion “humor” on Facebook that made her laugh. She even wrote, ‘I snorted coffee through my nose.’

Jn Schmidt Cricufy the president


If we’d said that about Jan Schmidt (or perhaps one of the snowflake-Democrat Reps in Merrimack), people would need police protection or at least claim as much. Schmidtler could lead the charge. She could even sponsor a bill to suppress free speech that disagrees with her…oh, wait, she already did that.

History Lesson

The first go-round the Merrimack snowflakes melted in response to a cartoon on a post that had nothing to do with any of them. By someone who’d never written a word about them.

It’s mere proximity to commentary about them (not any of the other 35,000 plus posts directed at thousands of public figures all across the spectrum), was targeting. The snowflakes melted and there was clearly some gurl-talk behind the scenes until Schmidtler went to bat for them and struck out. She opened her precious yap on Facebook and crazy stuff came out that she peddled as fact.

They were lies.

But this is one of the many reasons we like what Jan thinks or says on social media. Jan feels; she doesn’t think before she shares. 

And when she does, and it goes bad for Alderman Jan, she plays the victim card.

Schmidt response to criticism

Mrs. Potato Head has more self-awareness than Jan Schmidt.

If I’d written about nailing Jan or some other Democrat to anything, she’d be losing her mind. OMG! Hate Site! Call the PoPo. We’re under attack!

Me personally, I’m not the least bit offended by what she wrote. Very little offends me. Most of it is just fuel for the next blog post. Ammo to rhetorically toss down range to trigger snowflakes. But that’s not the point. The point is Jan. She’s a city alderman and a legislator. She seeks the power to make laws and rules the rest of us are supposed to follow. Rules that don’t have to apply to her. Big laws (like constraining constitutions) and little ones like handicapped parking. Rules she applies to bloggers and presidents but that when used to measure her conduct or behavior are harassment or the nearest thing to actual assault.


Jan, like most Democrats, is a hypocrite, but she will never accept this truth.  And she doesn’t need to accept anything. I’m not even recommending it. The more yapping she engages in, the more voters and taxpayers may begin to question why Jan has different standards for them than for herself?

And maybe, just maybe they’ll begin to ask questions. Like, is it a good idea to allow a person like that, who is drawn to positions of power, to make more rules about anything?

It is not. But Jan has every right to seek those offices and hold them, and we have every right to hold Jan accountable for her actions while she is in those offices; engaged in public debate about public people or public matters.

The fact that she doesn’t care for it makes it that much more fun for us and our readers.

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