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Nashua Democrat Rep. Jan Schmidt – “Grok Hates Women”


According to Nashua, Alderman (and NH State Rep), Jan Schmidt ‘Grok Hates Women – with a passion. Especially if they speak up.’ That might be news to Kimberly Morin, Susan Olsen, Michelle Levell, Ann Marie Banfield, Ellen Kolb, Judy Aron. Wait, I’m not done.

Carolyn McKinney, Doris Hohensee, Jane Cormier, Shannon McGinley, Betsy McCaughey, and dozens of women from House Reps, to State Senators, to local residents (and even Tulsi Gabbard). All women. We have sought out featured or shared the opinions of hundreds of women in podcasts and on video.

Update (8/29/20 – and we just endorsed a woman for NH Governor: Karen Testerman. I DO want to hear how Jan Schmidt would explain this away. -Skip

A woman who speaks up on our website is probably going to reach more internet eyeballs (or ears) in New Hampshire (and even Northern New England), than any other venue. 

If we hate women, especially if they speak up, we’re not very good at it.

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A Few Points to Ponder

The discussion above relates to this post, in which I suggest that Nashua Democrat Sonia Prince would have violated Jan’s proposed law about bullying and doxxing public officials. 

Prince shares a map directing Iran where to find President Trump (West Palm Beach Florida, on the Golf Course) upon whose head Iran has placed an 80-million-dollar bounty.  I called it free speech but noted that if we did that concerning any Democrat (a bounty or not), it would violate Jan’s proposed law. Two sets of rules. One for the rulers and their lackeys and one for everyone else.

Second point. Fact: we have documented evidence of a protected class member, Jan’s daughter, and other Democrats threatening to end and or doxx women who speak out on or through GraniteGrok. That would violate Jan’s proposed law, or maybe not.

Three. Jan is wrong, but she is as entitled to be mistaken as is anyone else. And not just because it makes blogging easy.

And finally, earlier up in the thread, another commenter notes that Grok is not a real news source. It is very one-sided.

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We are a news source that is open about our bias. We break news all the time and offer our opinion on the news. Most of what you call news is just as biased either in presentation or story selection – what to report and what to ignore.

All of today’s news sources are openly biased (some more than others) while insisting they are not. We’re honest, even if you disagree.

As to your opinion, you are welcome to it, but it is quite clear that it is based on bias. Reporting you agree with is “news,” reporting you disagree with is not. And I’m okay with that fact as well as you (at least potentially) not having the sense to realize it. 

Jan Schmidt does not get a pass. She is using that same bias to leverage legislative force against criticism of her actions while in elected office. Every good tyranny begins that way. Why do you think we call her Schmidtler?

One more point. Jan? What’s a woman?