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A New Monday Midday Meme Storm

There is no shortage of amusing and thoughtful meme humor, so we’ll keep doing these until someone makes us stop. And I don’t see that happening. One of the fun things about this is all the memes people add in comments so be sure to check those out too.

House of Sweden

Tell us the House of Sweden Story Again  

Joe Biden is the one who claims to know nothing about his son Hunter’s international business ties. Forget about the pictures of the two of them together on the planes. Reports are emerging that say Mr. Biden sure had a cozy relationship with Hunter’s international business associates.

Was Biden on the take?

Was Biden on the Take? … Evidence Please

Joe Biden is calling Rudy Giuliani a “Russian pawn.”  Giuliani is a lot of things but this isn’t one of them. Biden claims stories of his involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings are “not true.” He says he has “not taken a penny from any foreign source in my life.”


ICYMI: WMUR Aired Biden Corruption Exposé

With the current media blackouts and social-media banning posts regarding the Biden Crime Family corruption scandal, it’s hard to believe that our intrepid media watchdogs once had their teeth firmly embedded in Ol’ Joe’s backside over Hunter, Ukraine, and China.