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So why does the US suffer such “Homelessness”?

Research Fellow Christopher Rufo takes a little more than 12 minutes in a compelling vidumentary to dissect why the homelessness problem keeps getting worse even as officials spend increasing billions of tax dollars on illusory solutions, then points to the actual causes and how to make measurable progress. Genuine compassion begins with facing reality. Compassion …

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Denver Homeless

On Homelessness and Hypocrisy

So the burning issue in #nhpolitics today was Sununu cleaning up an illegal tent-city outside the courthouse in downtown Manchester: Joyce Craig was not the only Democrat hysterical about Sununu “evicting” (showing your bias again, Kevin Landrigan?) the homeless. There are myriad examples, but they essentially all say the same thing, so let’s look at …

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Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

There are Different Kinds of ‘Human’ Waste

Cases of human waste on San Francisco streets spiked to 31,000 in 2019. That’s an all-time high. The agency in charge of cleaning up the mess has a quarter-billion-dollar budget. $224 million is for personnel costs alone. Public works employ a staff of 1,790. This includes truck drivers at $218,495, arborists at $206,107, and general …

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Illegal alien caravan

Democrats Care More About Illegal Aliens Than…

Why do Democrats care more about illegal aliens than homeless Americans in the streets?  That’s the Scot Presler question. Mr. Presler is the man who has been voluntarily cleaning up garbage accumulated in Democrat-run cities. He’s not drawing big crowds, but the question is still pretty poignant.


“Freeattle” is Dying

Our interest in places like New Mexico, Washington State, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or California and New York, even college campuses are cautionary tales. These ‘laboratories’ of liberalism show us what Democrat’s expect and what their policies will do to New Hampshire and even America.