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City Of Angels Officially a Third World Nation: Crime, Homelessness, Typhus Epidemic

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For a primer on the promise of Democrat-run Big Government Socialism look west young paper-straw-using trans-man or trans-woman. Where liberal policies sowed deep into the hollowed-out heart of a once sparkling coastline, have borne poison fruit. To which we can add a growing Typhus epidemic.

You’ve probably heard about the sanitation and homelessness issues in West Coast Utopia’s like Seattle and San Francisco. But what about the sanctuary city of Los Angeles? It’s terrible there too. Crime has sky-rocketed. They’ve got (actual) crap in their streets as well. Garbage sits for weeks. And beginning last October, a growing Typhus epidemic. LA County is officially a third world nation.

You know the old saying, Live and Work in LA get Typhus from infected fleas? You do now.

“All of the cases associated with the outbreak have a history of living or working in downtown L.A. Some persons were experiencing homelessness; others were not.” People get sick when the infected flea feces are rubbed into cuts and scrapes in the skin. Animals such as rats, feral cats, and opossums can carry the bacteria and the infected fleas without becoming ill.

Pasadena reported “epidemic levels of typhus” on Friday. The city, which says it usually expects one to five cases of typhus per year, has 20 cases reported so far.

That was last October. Then a Deputy LA City Attorney got it.

I thought I was going to die,” Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Liz Greenwood told NBC4, after contracting typhus in November 2018 she says from working at City Hall in downtown Los Angeles. “Who gets typhus? It’s a medieval disease that’s caused by trash.”

And yes, they are spending millions on clean up. But is it working?

Responding to complaints from other city workers fearful of getting typhus, the city fumigated the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Division office, as well as parts of LAPD’s main headquarters, NBC4 said. The deputy city attorney reportedly said she will not go back to work at City Hall East until they also fumigate that building, too.

It looks like Democrats aren’t the only bloodsuckers that make you so sick you don’t even want to go to work. 

I wonder if they can massage this into their ‘Discover Los Angeles‘ marketing campaign? Discover Crime, homelessness, and don’t forget to take a third-world illness home with you when you leave.

If you have to travel to LA tell your doctor you are going to Burundi. Make sure you get all the shots.