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On Homelessness and Hypocrisy

Denver Homeless

So the burning issue in #nhpolitics today was Sununu cleaning up an illegal tent-city outside the courthouse in downtown Manchester:

Joyce Craig was not the only Democrat hysterical about Sununu “evicting” (showing your bias again, Kevin Landrigan?) the homeless. There are myriad examples, but they essentially all say the same thing, so let’s look at Manchester Rep. Matt Wilhlem:

So I have a few questions for Wilhlem, which I raised on Twitter, but which he has refused to answer:

Given your “Christian faith + fierce belief in the most * basic* of human rights,” why haven’t you invited any of the homeless to come live in your home? Or camp out in your yard?

Given that “[t]his is a humanitarian crisis,” why haven’t you called on your fellow Democrats to house any of the homeless in their homes? Or camp out in their yards?

We all know the answer. Because Wilhelm is a hypocrite. He won’t sacrifice a thing to alleviate this “humanitarian crisis,” or to actually live his “Christian faith.” No … Wilhelm is far too smart and important for that.

It’s his job … as one of the leaders of our ruling class … to tell us how we should sacrifice, not to actually sacrifice himself. You little people walking by the tent-city are just going to have to put up with the smell of urine and feces. And how dare … how dare you … complain about being accosted by junkies begging money for their next hit. And if you complain about it, little people, that just proves that your Christian faith just isn’t as deep as Wilhelm’s and that you don’t care about human rights. And that you are definitely not as righteous as Wilhelm.

They are all hypocrites. From Joyce Craig all the way down to the Democrat twitter-trolls living in their parents’ basements, mindlessly tweeting the same memes as Wilhlem. And especially the press. How many homeless have you invited to live in your home Casey McDermott?

And tell me Kevin Landrigan, if I decided to pitch a tent in your front-yard and urinated and defecated next to your house, would you still call it an “eviction” when you called the police to have me removed?

So let me close with the obvious solution: The entire encampment should be relocated to Volinsky’s Alpaca farm. And Landrigan, McDermott, Craig, Wilhlem and their ilk can help build that Brave New World they so pine for.