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“Freeattle” is Dying


Our interest in places like New Mexico, Washington State, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or California and New York, even college campuses are cautionary tales. These ‘laboratories’ of liberalism show us what Democrat’s expect and what their policies will do to New Hampshire and even America.

Ruin it.

Seattle’s destruction at the hands of progressives has actually attracted the interest of local media.

In a piece called ‘Seattle is Dying,’ a reporter investigates the current conditions and local reaction to it. Frequent readers will know the plot and theme. Homelessness, drug abuse, rising crime, and garbage piles in public. Hypodermics, rats, disease. We could call these the side-effect of liberal policies, but they are actually direct effects.

In this instance, people are attracted to the promise of something for nothing. Migrants are drawn to ‘Freeattle’ the way illegal immigrants are drawn to our southern border. Democrats advertised an easy living and free benefits. As I noted here, “Programs that pray on people’s weaknesses instead of inviting them to explore and develop their strengths.”

Nothing is free. Someone pays. Something has to give. And it could have been avoided if they’d just stopped electing Democrats.


| Legal Insurrection