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Coronavirus and the entrepreneur

Coronavirus and the Entrepreneur … David and Goliath

Michael Crawford is a former Walt Disney Co. executive. Crawford’s future is happy and without masks. It does not have people going out of their way to remain “6 FEET APART.” No more avoiding crowds on the supposition other people are a lethal threat all of the time. In short sanity rules.


America Fought A War to Free the Slaves

America fought a war to free the slaves about 160 years ago.  A slave is a person in servitude as the chattel of another. A slave is someone that is completely subservient to a dominating influence.  Why would we so willingly give up freedom for a promise of security? Why?

Wealth tax history in Europe

Wealth Tax History in Europe Is Instructive

Progressives love to point to Europe as an example for their policies. So let’s look there. In Europe, we find that the wealth tax as a policy has a fundamental flaw. Thirty years ago, 12 European countries had some form of wealth tax. Now, only three remain. Why is that?

We Stand for the Flag

We Stand for the Flag

In 1863 at Fort Wagner on Morris Island South Carolina, an American flag was waving. It flew over the head of a black man. His surroundings were acts of injustice, rage, and violence. William Carney wore a uniform tinged with red as he was kneeling in the midst of a green field.

Looking down the road to November

Notable Quote – David McCullough

With the radical Left trying to destroy history in various ways, this series of questions and answers from 2012 is more timely than ever.

Scandinavian Socialists

Scandinavian Socialists

During this spring our government has been guilty of massive overreach. The people in charge were so fearful they felt they needed to put restrictions in place. They suspended the U.S. Constitution. Our political leaders would have us believe they needed to ban our freedoms to keep us safe.

Tearing It Down

Is America About Tearing It Down?

Is America about tearing it down? Our history says we are the best builders… ever. But today, mobs are defacing and tearing down our statues and monuments nationwide. They do so claiming “social justice.” Well, being full of hate has never produced justice.

Mt Rushmore

So the National Democrat Party believes July 4th = White Supremacy Day?

The Democrats, disguised as Black Lives Matter and other disgruntled rich white kids without a sense of American history and those who just like to destroy other peoples stuff (but I repeat myself), have finally decided to be really open as to what they really think. First, it was just about Confederate soldier statues. Then …

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