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Notable Quote – James Buchanan on Socialism

The socialist vision of politicized control-regulation of economic interaction has by no means been exorcised from the modern mind-set despite the evidence from reason or from history.


Winston Churchill once said, “Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” Indeed, America’s founders viewed it with suspicion and probably fear as they hemmed ours in on every side, lest the country fall into mob rule. But what is Democracy? Rules of political …

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When Enslaved Dems Told Us

Free Speech… Not Unless We Support and Protect It

Opposition to freedom is as old as time. Historically freedom is the exception, not the norm. Here in America, we institutionalized freedom in our first amendment. Allen C. Guelzo, in his article “Free Speech and Its Present Crisis,” explored the trials and tribulations associated with the First Amendment. Historical Attacks on our freedom… Noteworthy among …

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The 2nd Amendment is the Most Important Women’s Rights Issue in Modern History

For decades, women have fought to gain the same rights as men in the name of ‘equality.’ The right to vote, to get paid equally (yes, the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1964 and yes, women earn equal pay) and to be treated equally, are all issues that women have fought for and won. …

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Socialism in Denmark

Socialism has failed across the world everywhere it has been tried. From the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to China, Vietnam, North Korea and, most recently, Venezuela. So forget those power mad Marxists who got it wrong. Denmark is the socialist model to follow. Denmark is the Disneyland of socialism. It is where everybody is …

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Warren Wants AOC Responsible for Your Retirement

Before the Welfare State

Democrats, socialists like AOC and Bernie and others in their party, are content to sit amidst the bounty provided by capitalism, in a comfortable hall, before a crowd of paid ticket holders tearing into capitalism. They call the system that has raised 80% of the globe from extreme poverty since 1980 “irredeemable” while ranting against …

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