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Nashua Democrats, Free Speech, Proper Attribution, and Tyranny

Nashua Democrat Jan Schmidt is the co-sponsor of a proposed bill that would define (presumably) a point where interacting with a public official online becomes cyberstalking or bullying. Jan is no friend of free speech, but she thinks she is and to make the case she borrows someone else’s.

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Preaching the Christian Gospel in Public Labeled Hate Speech

The war on Judeo-Christian faith, like the war on families and marriage, is about knocking down barriers to Marxism. I articulated it well enough here, so I won’t repeat those points. But they apply to this topic. A pastor has been charged with hate speech for preaching near homosexuals.

We Are At War To Be ‘We The People’ Again

Free Speech Tolerates Hate Speech

It has always been the America position that free speech is an opportunity to enlighten ignorance. Do you think the First Amendment should be rewritten? Do you think it is a good idea to crackdown on free speech, as well as the press?


Has the ACLU Jumped It’s Last “Shark?”

The ACLU used to be good for something. By which I mean it made some small effort to actually defend bits of the constitution. Like, free speech.  But has this last vestige of function been excised by the #Wokeasaurus?

NYC Bans Words, Landlords Lose More Rights

Another bastion of liberalism leftism has decided to infringe on your first amendment rights and your property rights, shockingly, under the guise of Civil Rights.  The new guidance from the Civil Rights Commission in New York City mandates landlords to rent, sell, or lease to illegal aliens. Whoops, can’t say “illegal aliens.”  That’s outlawed too. NEW …

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