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Student Group Claims Racially Motivated Attacks on White People Are Not a Hate Crime

A “Catch and Release” Beneficiary

Two incidents involving the same individual(s) were recorded as hate crimes. Racial slurs were followed by acts of assault. The problem? The perpetrators in both cases were black, and the different victims were white. According to a student group, that’s not a hate crime.

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“The details of this incident that were shared in OSU’s public safety notice do not meet the legal definition of a hate crime. To refer to it as such solely because the alleged perpetrators used a ‘racial slur’ is illogical,” the organization argued. “’Racial slurs’ referring to White people are not based on a history of violence & oppression towards White people. Using this ‘slur’ does not have the same violent, racist implications as a White person saying the n-word, for example, nor does it make this incident a hate crime.”


What about black on black hate crimes by militant Muslims against Christians in Africa? Or the fact that black Africans continue to enslave black Africans and traffic them for fun and profit? Not a hate crime? Is it at least a crime?

Are white supremacists absolved if they only hate white people (even if they are Jews), and are Democrats (regardless of color) excused for ongoing hate crimes against Jews?

Hey! Is it a hate crime to trap people of color in high-density areas where they will inevitably have higher infection rates from COVID19?

What a mess.

Now you get why I do not believe in the idea of hate crimes or hate speech. They are political constructions by post-modern cultural Marxists forced on law enforcement and every community dumb enough to embrace them.


Hate, when defined by the state becomes as much an act of intimidation and persecution to suppress ideas or beliefs based on a predetermined bias (political will or perception) as anything the State claims it intended to prevent.

The media misuses the term to grab headlines that smear people and destroy lives.


Even the FBI can’t keep it all straight because of ‘people.’


Because motivation is subjective, it is sometimes difficult to know with certainty whether a crime resulted from the offender’s bias. Moreover, the presence of bias alone does not necessarily mean that a crime can be considered a hate crime. Only when a law enforcement investigation reveals sufficient evidence to lead a reasonable and prudent person to conclude that the offender’s actions were motivated, in whole or in part, by his or her bias, should an agency report an incident as a hate crime. 


And then there is the investigator’s bias, which makes none of this even plausible as a tool for charging and sentencing people. So, I’m going to join the nutjobs in Ohio in one respect. What happened was not a hate crime, but only because none of the things you think qualify are hate crimes either.

There are crimes. Theft, assault, rape, robbery, murder, things done to people, or with their property against their will. With rare exceptions, the crime is no more or less criminal because the enforcers or their political masters paste “hate” in front of it. An act no less fraught with emotion or bias or even hate. Talk about a recipe for tyranny.

But that appears to be what the cultural Marxists are after, which is why we should oppose it even when so-called hate crimes are perpetrated against us.