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As Predicted: Social Media Thought Police Find New Excuse to Suppress Your Speech

We must defend our values and principles

Nine days ago I told you to get out – of Facebook and Twitter. Well, I actually suggested you diversify to other platforms where you can find the same Grok content. Why? Corporatist pressure was coming to strictly police speech on those platforms. And that day has arrived.

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What we shared on June 29th:

Massive corporate pressure is being applied to Facebook and Twitter. These companies spend a fortune on advertising, and they are refusing to spend if these platforms do not suppress Republican and Conservative ideas.  They already do and want to do more, so it sill take them zero seconds to make that leap.

This means that sharing and engagement could become increasingly difficult on Facebook and Twitter.

What Happened:

“Being a platform where everyone can make their voice heard is core to our mission, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for people to spread hate. It’s not,” [Facebook COO Sheryl] Sandberg wrote in a Tuesday blog post, adding that on Wednesday Facebook would release its long-anticipated civil rights audit which began two years ago.

Sandberg said that while the audit had a “profound effect” on the company’s culture, they won’t be “making every change they call for,” but will “put more of their proposals into practice soon.”

These advertisers used their “speech” and dollars to send a message to Facebook. Police speech, do it now. Facebook said, yes mam-sir-person-etc, we’re on it.

What does that look like?

Hate Speech is a subjective term created by political and Cultural Marxists to justify silencing any expression that opposes their agenda. It has nothing to do with mean-speech, angry-speech, or threats of death or violence. Intimidation and fear are acceptable if directed from left to right.

To simplify things, any words or content that is not approved progressive-liberal narrative could be flagged, tagged, and bagged.

Fake news from the left will continue to go unmolested or questions (fact-checked) while actual facts from anyone else will get the scarlet letter frowny-face of disapproval (thumbs down!), possibly with a link to an approved left-wing narrative.

Yes, Facebook will become more than just the promise of a leftwing echo-chamber. It will be nothing but, with a few allowances for yoga lessons or wedding plans (right, Hillary?), a left-wing trash can full of Progressive narratives. And that strikes me as odd.

The majority of their users are older. They are not dopey-socialist-AOC youth with their black bloc, Molotov cocktail parties, and white guilt. Finding the content these “adults” share removed more often than not is going to lead the adults removing themselves (which we applaud).

It won’t mean much at first.  A few here and there. But tipping points being this way, and just like cable, more and more “viewers” will cut the cord. Facebook could become little more than the remnants of such once-dominant platforms as, …I can’t remember they are so obscured by history.

One of them.

And that’s their choice. And they have made it. And you should make yours. You don’t have to leave Facebook, but you could begin to easing yourself out by test-driving some alternatives. We’ve got a few suggestions.


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