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Speech Policing: NYC Bans the Phrase “Illegal Alien” – Fines Up to $250K

Speech Police

The Big Crapple has taken another Marxist leap forward. The One-Party State that runs the city has declared the use of the term illegal alien a hate crime punishable by a quarter-million-dollar fine.

The restrictions — violations of which are punishable by fines of up to $250,000 per offense — are outlined in a 29-page directive released by City Hall’s Commission on Human Rights.

“‘Alien’ — used in many laws to refer to a ‘noncitizen’ person — is a term that may carry negative connotations and dehumanize immigrants, marking them as ‘other,’” reads one passage of the memo. “The use of certain language, including ‘illegal alien’ and ‘illegals,’ with the intent to demean, humiliate, or offend a person or persons constitutes discrimination.”

In a world where the police state gets to define the “words you are allowed to use,” they also get to decide your intent. Yes, thought police.

That has always been the underlying issue with a hate crime as a concept. It is so subjective as to be nearly impossible to report accurately. The FBI’s annual hate crimes report gets a lot of media play when it looks like we see more hate crimes. But the FBI admits that the results are deceptive and year to year comparisons are impossible.

I’ve repeatedly argued that there is no such thing. There can be no hate speech only hateful speech. And there can be no hate crime only crime motivated by hate. The notion of hate crimes as an added factor is Marxist locution crafted to empower the political state to silence speech and control how a population is allowed to think.

Hate speech is just the rote lesson meant to softens the mind to the concept.

Despite the apparent slippery slope, it has not prevented the #wokeasaurus from swallowing up states and municipalities (and Republicans) with its social justice weapon of mass destruction. With their so-called Diversity, Human Rights, and discrimination commissions. Unelected tyrants are poised to advance legislation and defend an unconscious collective left-wing movement whose purpose is to silence speech and conform thought.

Thou Shalt Not…

The idea of a 250,000-dollar fine for invoking the legal definition “illegal alien” is intimidating. Not just because the sum is grotesque, it demands a legal defense. No one just bows down and pays that if charged. But the time and energy required to take a case to any court are daunting. 

Did I say intimidating? It’s not just the words ‘illegal’ and ‘alien,’ it is (naturally) the shadows of penumbras. Get a load of these potential violations under this new law.

  • “A hotel prohibits its housekeepers from speaking Spanish while cleaning because it would ‘offend’ hotel guests or make them uncomfortable,”
  • “An Indian immigrant family complains to their landlord…who threatens to call ICE if they file a complaint in housing court,”
  • “A store owner tells two friends who are speaking Thai while shopping in his store to ‘speak English’ and ‘go back to your country,’ ”

Talk about a “man-caused disaster.”

The rules encompass 29 pages according to the NY Post. As if the average New Yorker is going to commit those 29 pages to memory. But the NYC Commission on Human Rights has and will serve as an arbiter in the process.

We got That Too

New Hampshire has an Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion (and a Human Rights Commission). They are not ideologically bipartisan. They are an extension of the same far-left program we’ve seen on the losing end of multiple free speech victories in Federal courts.

I won’t get tired of warning you. And I’d rather not have to say I told you so. But I will. They are coming for our speech. And we are letting them.