Stop Already: Police Investigating Virgin Mary Statue "Fire" as Possible Hate Crime - Granite Grok

Stop Already: Police Investigating Virgin Mary Statue “Fire” as Possible Hate Crime

Virgin Mary Statue Vandalized - Boston Herald

Hate Speech and Hate Crimes are invented constructs. They allow people in power to force state controls on language, behavior, and expression. They begin as a feature of an existing crime but are meant to create thought crimes as a tool to control the population and punish the opposition.

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So, no, I do not think lighting a statue of the Virgin Mary on fire is a hate crime.

It is a crime. Vandalism is a crime. Arson is a crime. And while many crimes cannot be solved without understanding the motive – that is not the crime. Being motivated to do things based on emotion is a normal human impulse. Societies accept this and create boundaries for negative behavior. When people let passion get the better of them, and they harm others or damage their property, we assign punishments.

The motive may matter if a crime is premeditated like murder (if the society wants to define some difference, but whether they killed them because they looked at a girlfriend sideways or because they were left-handed does not change the severity of the crime. It’s not accidental murder. Hating left-handed people has no quantitative value unless the plan is to politicize the process.

And it is.

This brings us back to the statue of Mary. Someone lit the bouquet of plastic flowers she was holding, and this burned the statue’s face, chest, and hands. It’s vandalism with a mild case of arson. But politicians define thought crimes to investigate them, so Boston has the resources and is on the job.

The Boston Police joint investigation includes the civil rights violations unit, the arson unit and district detectives, BPD spokesman Sgt. Detective John Boyle said on Tuesday.

The civil rights unit is “on board to investigate whether or not there are any bias indicators in this crime,” Boyle said.

Officers responding to the scene Saturday night saw that a Virgin Mary statue had been set on fire.

Cutting police budgets is a big thing these days, and I’m not a fan of the current trend because of its political roots and motives, but if you are looking to save taxpayers money, hello! The fire department is investigating as well.

Seriously? Oh, wait. “There have been at least 17 acts of vandalism directed against Catholic churches in Massachusetts since 2016, he said.” That’s one every 76 days.

I think Paris has that many in a week.

It’s mostly Muslim immigrants (in Paris), though this won’t be that. The Virgin Mary (if I remember) is highly regarded in Islam. This mischief is probably the work of fifth or sixth generation Bay State Democrats (or maybe friends of Jennifer Horn’s son) who hate nonsecular life or just want to see the world burn.

I hope it’s not BLM because, despite how she is depicted, Mary was probably a person of some color. Ooh, that’s controversial. But this is not. The Catholic churches decline into identity politics, social justice, green socialism, and much of the Left’s program (minus abortion) makes them more an advocate for the Left than the religious right.

The vandals will have more in common with their targets than not and how even under the Rube-Goldbergian mental maze of “possible hate crime,” could that be one?

And of course, if you had not noticed, defacing statues is trending.

Hate crime? Really? It’s vandalism. Get over yourselves.