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Razor Wire fence in Washington DC

Quick Thought – a PERFECT display of “Inclusive” – but only on Democrat terms

SHOT: Rush Limbaugh dies, FL Gov Ron DeSantis order flags to half-staff on day of interment …Limbaugh, a longtime resident of Palm Beach, Florida, passed away at 70 on Wednesday from lung cancer, and will be buried in the state. DeSantis announced Friday during a news conference that “once the date of interment for Rush …

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If You Do Nothing You Can Kiss This Freedom Goodbye!

As we move toward November and the opportunity to choose the same or new representatives, there is a simple means by which to determine for whom you should vote. We may not all agree on the government’s role, but all of us should agree it is not to suppress free speech or block open debate.

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Nashua Democrats, Free Speech, Proper Attribution, and Tyranny

Nashua Democrat Jan Schmidt is the co-sponsor of a proposed bill that would define (presumably) a point where interacting with a public official online becomes cyberstalking or bullying. Jan is no friend of free speech, but she thinks she is and to make the case she borrows someone else’s.