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So, Democrats Silenced Josh Moore and his Patriot Initiative Site?

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With regard to GraniteGrok and various Facebook pages, and groups the Democrats have made it clear. Say things we don’t like and we will try to shout or shut you down. And they’d prefer the latter. Speak against their agenda and they will destroy you if they can.

I’ve blogged about that someone. And yes, I have specifically asked for the email accusing us of “hate speech” or being a “hate site” and trying to shut us down. But I think the same person (or someone close to her and certainly ideologically aligned with her) did the same to Josh Moore’s The Patriot Initiative website.

It was shut down for two days after Josh gave a forum at the Nashua Public Library, after its “Drag Queen Story Hour.”


Because Josh represents, along with his site, traditional NH values, traditional family values, a Judeo-Christian outlook. and the NH Advantage.

ALL of these are anathema to the Democrat Socialists that have sworn, like Obama for our Nation, to fundamentally transform our State into their image. And as this story unfolds, the militant LGBT lobby. You WILL accept it, you WILL like it, and you WILL affirm it – or they will come after you.  You WILL be assimilated or you WILL destroyed – and that is what one NH State Rep boastfully tried to do.

Here’s the initial email sent from Josh’s hosting company,, to Josh’s technical guy when questioned as to why The Patriot Initiative website was shut down – ONE (again, only ONE) complaint:

A local far-right political organization, the Patriot Initiative, caused quite the chaos at Nashua, New Hampshire’s public library this evening. The Patriot Initiative used their website (hosted on IHNetworks), along with their social media platforms, to organize a hate speech forum at Nashua’s library, entitled “Restoring Family: Addressing the LGBT Agenda.”

Far right?  Only by a Socialist standard of measure.  And note the automatic “hate speech” modifier?  Why? Josh dared to go against the militant LGBT grain.  ANY complaint, any discussion counter to their accepted line, is automatically labeled as hate speech and homophobic.  Thou cant’st go against The Narrative.

So, they call you names.  Big deal – I’ve been called that for years simply because I speak up.  They, however, have weaponized the language.  So not being 100% behind the LGBT movement automatically gets you labeled as bigoted:

Here is a link to the Patriot Initiative’s bigoted event on their website:

To give a little background, the founder of this group, Josh Moore, is quite a controversial local public figure; he even has his own Wikipedia page.

Yeah, he’s against having women go topless on beaches.  That’s the best they got and he’s only “controversial” if you disagree with the majority of people that some modesty is still desired.  Again, this attack is on Normal values and the Free The Nipple movement is yet another attempt to pull out another brick in the Wall that used to be traditional Society.  So, this attack on Josh isn’t just on him – it is on traditional values as well.

He made national news a few years ago when he was in the state legislature by suggesting that it is okay to sexually assault women who are publicly breastfeeding. Moore is an outspoken rabid homophobic with a voting record in the legislature and public comments and events he held to prove it.

No, he didn’t.  And once again, the labeling for someone that won’t go along with the Progressive Agenda.  Just the smear, all the time.  Typical Alinsky move:

RULE 12Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

This event caused such a disarray in our community that our state’s Democratic Party stepped up and helped organized a counter protest, along with our mayor and various other local people and groups.

A self-generated disarray.  Someone wanted to talk and discuss Normal values.  THEY wanted to shut him down.  Who is the bully in this situation?

The people in Nashua made it clear that hate speech will not be tolerated in our community, and I hope that IHNetworks recognizes that it is not good to do business with bigots and those who cause disarray and melange hatred, & target minorities in our local communities.

Yep, hate speech is now anything I deem it to be, anything that is different from what I believe.  NO ONE is allowed to challenge my beliefs and world outlook.  That that do are hateful, spiteful people who should not be allowed any kind of a soapbox, especially in IHNetworks

Using any of IHNetworks’ services and platform to organize events to target minorities and instigate the public’s emotions is not only wrong, but violates your terms of service on hate speech. And I hope that IHNetworks does the right thing and suspends doing business with the Patriot Initiative.

Below is a forwarded email from the New Hampshire State Democratic Party on the event. And here is a link to our Facebook event that countered this anti-LGBTQ+ Forum:

As you can see this bigoted event caused kind the scene in our local community ….

I dryly note that the FB page for “countering” the event has either been deleted or only certain people are allowed to view (I guess I don’t rate to be included in that “august” crowd). So, if you merely disagree with the militant LGBT lobby, hold an event to support traditional values, do not support women going topless on a public beach, you are a bigoted homophobe.   Viewing the LGBT movement from a Judeo-Christian worldview is hate speech?

This is the Standard Operating Procedure from the Left – Silencing is warranted for any slight. The Cancel Movement is just the updated version of the book burners of yore.  These are the fascist tactics of those that believe they own the Moral High Ground simply because they view the rest of us “non-conformers” as less than human.

If you say ANYTHING that says anything against the “accepted Progressive wisdom” with respect to any of their Identity Political Groups, this is what can happen to you.  Or us.

Here is the first few minutes from that two hour meeting on defending traditional family

I’ll put up more later on so you can decide for yourself. I’m betting that Josh’s detractors didn’t do the same.