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Learn Everywhere? No – you MUST learn HERE!

The Learn Everywhere program was an innovative program passed into law that allowed the Commissioner and Board of Education to create rules that allowed curriculum performed outside of the classroom to count for High School credit. Each School District, if the rules were adopted, would be ‘forced’ to accept said credits, even if performed by …

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Where has Volinsky Been?

In the article titled: “Volinsky calls for Edelblut to go,” (Union Leader, Dec. 18) Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky argues that Commissioner Edelblut has advanced policies that weaken financial support for public schools.

Report Card

Commissioner of Education Edelblut: NH schools need more than the illusion of change

[Note: emphasis mine  -Skip] STAN LEE, the legendary Marvel Comics writer and publisher, used to describe the secret to keeping readers interested without killing off best-sellers as “the illusion of change.” Cities may fall and worlds may end, but in the comics, there’s always a clone, or a parallel universe, or a time-travel reboot that …

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Comrade Volinsky Shoots at Edelblut

Comrade Volinsky Shoots at Edelblut to One-Up Feltes

Children be damned, Volinsky wants Edelblut’s scalp. Why? Because he did his job. Also, because Feltes got the first shot in by making the motion to reject the $46 million education grant. So, now Comrade Volinsky shoots at Edelblut to one-up Feltes. Related: Why NH Democrats Didn’t Jump at 46 Million in Federal Grant Money …

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Op-ED: Using Tech effectively in New Hampshire schools

To screen or not to screen? That is the question facing parents and educators across the country. Digital technology has opened up new possibilities in teaching, as well as so many other areas of modern life. But new research finds that too much screen time can hinder a child’s educational development.

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Parents and families are key to educational success

by Frank Edelblut – Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Education   |   ALL OF THE education research tells us that when parents and families are active participants in a student’s education, the attainment and outcomes are better.

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Frank Edelblut: School Days, Lunch Trays & Gourmets

New Hampshire’s Commissioner of Education is making time to work the school lunch cafeterias around the state. In a Department of Ed feature titled School Days, Lunch Trays & Gourmets, Frank Edelblut (sort of) takes the Guy Fieri approach (Diners Drive-Ins and Dives) for an inside look at how school lunch gets done.