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Sun-King Chris Sununu Names Kelly Ayotte His Heir Apparent

Sun King Sununu

You may have read about the brouhaha involving Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut speaking to parents: TOTAL NONSENSE! NH Education Commissioner Demonized For Talking to Parents! and Democrats Play Politics With Parents and Children.

But it is NOT just the Communists (you may call them Democrats, if you wish) who have a problem with Edelblut speaking to parents because the event was held by an organization the Commies disapprove of … Sun-King Sununu thinks it was “inappropriate”:

Sounds like the Sun-King prefers Kelly Ayotte … a fellow RINO/NeverTrump/Conservative-Inc.’r … as his heir apparent should he take the plunge … or get pushed … into the U.S. Senate race.



Editors Note: Former US Senator Kelly Ayotte has long been rumored to be the next one in line to be Governor (it’s her turn) but Edelblut almost beat Sununu in a primary in 2016 before he was ever elected Governor. It is not unreasonable to assume that Commissioner Edelblut is a potential primary challenger to Ayotte in the governor’s race if Sununu runs for the US Senate in 2022.