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Declaration of Independence

Let Freedom Ring

I am for unity under just one banner, freedom. Any idea or action that separates people into warring camps and builds walls of separation is abhorrent to me.

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What is Freedom?

It’s the Fourth of July. The day Americans celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Each and every word in that sacred document was given great thought before it was written and enshrined by our Founding Fathers.

Democracy vs Republic

Notable Quote – Liberties and Freedom are about “The One”

An essential feature of a liberal government is the protection of minorities, and of the rights of minorities against plunder by the majority. The ultimate of minorities is one person. And so the ultimate of liberalism … is the protection of each person against the plunder of one or more other persons. -F.A. “Baldy” Harper …

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Constitutional Convention

Independence Day – Observed

We just passed July 4th, what most people the world over consider American Independence Day. (That’s independence from the British Crown, for those currently in public school.)


Notable Quote – Democrats Now Stand For The Exact Opposite Of The Declaration Of Independence

When the elected delegates went off to the Continental Congress to represent the people of the 13 colonies, and eventually to sign the Declaration of Independence, everyone in America was a “subject.” However, alive in the hearts of those “subjects” who were delegates to the Continental Congress was a unique vision; a vision of life …

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We Need a New Declaration of Independence

Early Americans criticized their king’s rule with the memorable slogan “no taxation without representation” and decried His Majesty’s efforts to suspend their legislatures, altering fundamentally the forms of their government by imposing an arbitrary power structure instead.


Notable Quote – Goerge Will

The Declaration is not just chronologically prior to the Constitution, it is logically prior. As Timothy Sandefur writes, the Declaration “sets the framework for reading” the Constitution, so it is the Constitution’s “conscience”: By the terms with which the Declaration articulates the Constitution’s purpose – the purpose is to “secure” unalienable rights – the Declaration intimates …

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